iBlog: The 11th Philippine Blogging Summit


By Irene Tria | Executive Chronicles

The Executive Chronicles is privileged to be part of the iBlog11: The 11th Philippine Blogging Summit held at Penthouse Lecture Room, U.P. Law Center, Bocobo Hall, Diliman Quezon City last December 4, 2015.

The iBlog is a prestigious gathering of bloggers, internet marketers, SEO practitioners, and digital business owners and organized by Janette Toral, known to many as the Mother of E-Commerce.

The first part of the talk tackles the beauty and fashion blogging in the Philippines. It is the first time that iBlog included Beauty and Fashion. Guest speakers are the following:

Liz Lanuzo (Beauty Blogging in the Philippines)

She has been blogging for nine years. A Political Science graduate at the University of the Philippines Manila and now, a successful beauty and fashion blogger for Projectvanity.com.

This has given her the opportunity to be an ambassador and events host for several brands. She is also a PR and Social Media Marketing Consultant.

There are 3 things that Liz considers to become a successful blogger:

1.  To have clear images, it means getting good camera and of course training well in compassion in order to write the least amount of grammatical error as possible before to publish it.

2. To write for your audience is really important to your success and if your audience will come back to read them. Knowing your audience is checking out demographics and study your leadership doesn’t mean that all your content has to be about writing for audience.

3. If you’re just blogging as hobby, blogging for fun it’s fine, take all your time pick up your blog grab it when you be like and just have fun with it there’s no judgment for anybody. But if you want your blog to be successful then you kind have to take a time for yourself.

You have to commit on writing as much as possible use content schedule take a plot so take a months or a year for a blogger that didn’t notice anybody so it’s important to commit to what you want to be.

Liz Lanuzo of Projectvanity.com
Liz Lanuzo of Projectvanity.com










Diego Buenaflor (Dealing with Bloggers as a Beauty Brand)

He is the CEO and General Manager of Vivanti Executive Advantage and Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. It is a Philippine brand and among the first to offer mineral makeup in the Philippines. Their ingenuity and creativity helped them create quality products that are comparable to global brands but only at a fraction of its price. Ellana is committed to use naturally-derived ingredients in our products.

Founded in 2007 by his wife. An online shop for mineral color cosmetics. Diego believes that blogs have helped their product gained marketing and have reached their target client through reviews from bloggers. Reviews are one of the relevant resources of which brand are effective and budget-friendly. Since most consumers rely on it few days or hours before purchasing an item.

That is why instead of investing in traditional advertising, we opted to put together 10 bloggers equivalent to readership, easy to build relationship and connect. Send the products over or during events they get the products. The relationship with Bloggers are the same just like with the editor.

Diego Buenaflor, General Manager of Ellana Philippines
Diego Buenaflor, General Manager of Ellana Philippines













Tolian Gjika (Dealing with Fashion Bloggers and Brands)

He is the Head of Online Channels at Zalora Thailand, Rocket Internet GmbH. Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. With over 1,000 local and international brands, they are the leading online store in Asia.

For Gjika there are different ways of engaging the followers, for Zalora they took mainly instagram, twitter and facebook. It’s the easiest way to engage both let’s say the sponsor and clients. They are based on posting a short story about how the problem of having to find your own stall or shopping online. You have to provide different ways to different channels to show the special characteristics of each product.

 We have a big advantage we work online we provide access to the full users which is traditional.

Tolian Gjika,Head of Online Channels at Zalora Thailand, Rocket Internet GmbH.
Tolian Gjika, Head of Online Channels at Zalora Thailand, Rocket Internet GmbH.