I am Shoephoric!


By: Anthony Andrada | Executive Chronicles

Many of us – not everyone- unconsciously are shoe lovers. From stilettos to sneakers, wedge to loafers, definitely you don’t have only one pair on your shoe rack and it is becoming not only a necessity but a part of lifestyle. Sometimes, Facebook and Instagram is not enough to showcase how much we love our shoes, that is why Shoephoric is now here to give us a venue to showcase our dearest shoes.

Last October 28, 2015 I was invited by Ms. Ann Jacobe founder of Shoephoric, to wear my lavish style outfit for their app launch/party/anniversary that was held in the City of Dreams. And surprisingly, the people behind this event are not just nerds but know how to party. On the other hand, I am not surprised knowing that they are shoe lovers but, they are crazily into it. Different people came to the party. From their friends, also from the community it built inside shoephoric. It is a celebration that is for shoe lovers and a newly met friends.

It is a promising app ready to showcase how much we love our shoes but also helps the community that they are helping from their advocacy.

Shoephoric will surely give us track of our shoes. Like from where they have been to what they have become and to how many pairs we have. It can create a story that can be kept on track.

It is a community, an advocacy that came from obsession of shoes down to becoming an application. Now we have it on hand. Cheers Shoephoric team!


Ann Jacobe with members donning their stilettos
boots plus sneakers equals perfect match
who says kicks aren’t for the red carpet?

Ann Jacobe