HVAC Professionals Using Marketing & PR to Grow Their Businesses

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Traditionally HVAC professionals and plumbers have used conventional advertising methods to list their contact information, such as listings in phone books and online directories. While this passive approach certainly has its place, it won’t result in the most leads within the shortest amount of time possible. Furthermore, when your HVAC business is just starting out, you don’t want to be moving along at a snail’s pace, you want to be getting as many clients as you can to start generating revenue. This logic has led to a new wave of HVAC professionals who are using marketing and PR strategies to expand their outreach and stay competitive in the field. Here are a few reasons every HVAC professional should be doing the same:

1. Diversifying Brand Exposure

When someone needs work done on their heating or air conditioning system, the first thing they do is think about who they would trust to come and do the repair or replace the unit. Some people will go straight to the phone book, others will run a web search, and some will just call the most well-known HVAC specialist in their area. Regardless of which method the prospective customer takes, you want your brand to be visible in every comparison. Staying on top of all this yourself can be a hassle, especially if you have little to no web experience, which is why many HVAC pros are outsourcing these tasks to PR specialists like Berbay, a marketing firm Los Angeles.

2. Becoming an Authoritative Presence in your Industry

A marketing & PR campaign is designed to position your business as a go-to source for HVAC services in your area by spreading brand awareness and helping you find creative ways to solicit new customers. With so many up-and-coming professionals vying for business, becoming a household name has never been more important. Distributing ads, business cards, flyers, posters, pamphlets, brochures, signs, and any other marketing materials you can think of within your service area is the best way to get started.

3. Reminding Potential Customers You’re There

Many times people have HVAC problems that they’re putting on the backburner because they’ve been hesitant to call a repairman. By aggressively advertising your services you’re giving those people the nudge needed to have them pick up the phone and call, especially if you’re offering specials or discounts. Some of the best advertising avenues for this approach would be TV, radio, and newspaper ads. Tactics like satisfaction guarantees, discounts, rebates, raffles, and any other incentives you can throw in will motivate more leads to take call for a consultation.

Avoiding the Set it and Forget it Approach

In closing, it’s important to remember that we’re living in a new era of marketing & PR, where service providers are advertising their brand just as aggressively as companies that sell commercial products. Gone are the days of setting up your business and waiting for the customers to find you – there are too many HVAC specialists out there actively looking for clients to take the set it and forget it approach.