How Your Business Can Use Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Choose the Best Product Packaging Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool | How Your Business Can Use Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool | A recent study showed 70 percent of consumers base their purchasing decisions on the packaging. When the numbers look like this, it’s no surprise that packaging is big business. This proves that product packaging should be more than an afterthought.

So if you want to influence 7 in every 10 consumers with your packaging, keep reading. Here’s how your business can use product packaging as a useful marketing tool.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Encouraging customers to reuse your packaging instead of throwing it away is effective. Vendors with high-quality items end up with repeat customers, and in turn, this increases turnover.

Businesses interested in selling many items can use these items to encourage repurchases. Plus, if it serves a functional purpose, it further strengthens an eco message. Suppose your business can offer something of this nature. In that case, you’re more likely to attract customers with similar beliefs and values.

Promote a Specific Message or Purpose

Your custom product packaging can say what you want it to say about your brand and its product better than any other marketing tool. Suppose you want to ensure the success of your products. In that case, you should focus on marketing that helps promote a specific message or purpose.

There’s an argument that your product packaging should be evident in its use as a marketing tool. Because if you keep the purpose of the packaging a secret, it can turn off customers. That’s true for advertising purposes, but that isn’t always the case with what the packaging represents.

Packaging Properties for Marketing

While your product packaging may not say what you want it to communicate, it can still promote your brand. Product packaging companies can consult with you if you’re unsure how to approach the packaging. Here are some useful properties that will give you some more ideas on how to approach marketing.


The creative use of colors and designs makes the branding of the product more visible. So if you are looking to help promote your brand, then using a color-coding system is an easy and effective strategy. Even if you’re shipping products in direct packets, you can take your ideas and make the best packing tape promotional material.


When it comes to brand building, the most durable packaging wins. If you can build your brand in a way that makes it more durable than your competitors, you will succeed. This is because customers trust that the product will arrive in one piece for customers to continue purchasing from you.


Making yourself different from competitors benefits consumers and businesses alike. Differentiation can help to develop a competitive advantage over other companies by allowing you to be unique. In some cases, this differentiating power might come from the type of package used to deliver the product or service.

Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Product packaging is all about first impressions. It’s the first thing your customers come across their new product arrives in the post. It’s undeniable how influential business can use product packaging as a useful marketing tool.

We’ve shown you how vital product packaging is in marketing. Keep reading for more sound business advice.