How will you benefit from compartmentalization?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Mixing up personal and professional stuff doesn’t always work well. It takes a strong will and strong persona to cope with the struggles.  It’s also the same with the issue about multitasking, you can’t do things all at the same time. You need to set boundaries to accomplish tasks and responsibilities. This is where the art of compartmentalization works.

“… as a business owner, you’re going to get hit by big traumatic, potentially harmful, or life ending events, sometimes in succession. Your ability to compartmentalize, prioritize, and focus enough time on each area in order to make incremental progress towards a conclusion will be your most important skill set to achieve significant success,” Ryan Blair, CEO of ViSalus and bestselling author of “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur,” shared on Forbes.

In terms of career, compartmentalization is shift of gear and focus on certain task for specific timeframe. If you are a parent and spouse at home, you shouldn’t act as one when you’re doing your job in the office. You need to leave the concerns temporarily behind, so you’re completely different and career-oriented person.  It’s also the same with individuals juggling various endeavors like those professionals who have sideline business, other part time jobs, and active members of civic organizations. They can wear different hats as much as they can as long as they know how to compartmentalize.  However to master it, you should also know how to move on and be problem solver.

“People can waste so much time second-guessing the past that you miss the opportunities ahead. Create a compartment, address it at the appropriate time, close it, and work toward addressing the next compartment, “Jonathan B. Smith, founder and CEO ChiefOptimizer, Certified EOS Implementer, and book author imparted on LinkedIn.

 Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Another Blair’s tip on compartmentalization is saying “no” to distractions.  He explained as a human he only has limited time and energy per day. Meantime, there are other things you do to balance your career like avoid adding your current not so close co-workers on your personal Facebook account.