How Useful is a PRINCE2 Certification

Top Four Factors To Check With Tutoring Services How Can I Study Abroad in College? PRINCE2 Certification studying | How Useful is a PRINCE2 Certification | In today’s world wielding any kind of certification from a good project management institute related to your profession can help you secure your preferred job. Anyone can perceive how talented and demanding you are when you have a skill set desired by the interviewer. Though a professional degree is still the basis of hiring, companies seeks people with unique and worthwhile talents.

PRINCE2 certification is one of its kinds and a guy with this certification is sought out my many hirers these days. The skills they have can’t be matched by others in the same field. The increase in the requirement of good infrastructure and compatible project Management skills made this Certification so popular and worthy. 

Origin of PRINCE2 Certification

It’s the PMP Certification Course in Mumbai which was devised by The United Kingdom’s government. It was made as the standard for the Information System Projects. It has not become the standard for just the European countries but is accepted globally. It’s been provided by AXELOS Ltd. whose share is being held by Cabinet Office and Capita. It also prepares the exam for obtaining the certificate.

Usefulness of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Certificate

We are trained in how to approach and handle a project of any field. We are trained to deal with any kind of obstruction in the completion of the project. In this article, we will talk and discuss that is it worthy to opt for this Certification. 

Some of the benefits of the course are as follows

  • You will be in a position to make your own decisions and work completely independent of any authority above you. It’s your job to find any kind of drawbacks in the procedures and structure of the project.
  • You can make any changes as it’s your job to find the drawbacks. 
  • Capable of managing any kind of project whatever the background of the project is. The certificate is valid and is accepted for any kind of Industry. This makes the certificate so useful and versatile.
  • Unlimited number of job choices. As the certification is valid throughout each kind of industry you can look out for the industry of your choice and can get easily get into it. 
  • It’s a widely accepted certificate. Thus, you have a chance to secure a career overseas.
  • Ready to go just after you pass the exam. You don’t need to have previous experience in Project Management. You can just clear the exam and you are eligible to get placed where ever you want
  • Short time duration required. You won’t have to spend many years of your life to achieve this certification. As soon as you clear the Practitioner Exam, you can get your certificate digitally. 
  • You can get other Project Management certifications easily and you won’t have to even study for them. 

How to get the PRINCE2 certification

You will have to gain knowledge from the provided material and clear exams to get a hold of this certificate. Apart from that, you will be trained to handle the real-life scenarios you could face while managing your project someday. 

There are four levels that you must clear to become an adept Project Manager. To start this course, you just need a basic understanding of the terms of Project Management. 


This level is just an introduction to the basics of Project Management. You learn about the key terms, principals used in the field. It acts as a foundation for members to get an about this work. 

Contents of Foundation level 

Modules that introduce one to the system and how stuff happen in this system. Basic level contents which anyone can learn easily 

How to get the certificate

Just the basic knowledge of project management is enough for anyone to qualify to do the course. You will have to give an exam and pass it. 


The 2nd step to do is to complete this level. This is based on strengthening the practical skills of the members and prepares to face any kind of problem. 

Contents of Practitioner level

This contains modules oriented toward managers or analysts. The contents help to apply PRINCE2 in a real-world situation. After this, anyone can start taking on projects.

How to get the certificate

You have to give an exam of 69 questions, answering a minimum of 38 questions. The weights are distributed as – 25 ques from Processes, 35 from themes, and 8 from principles. It’s advised to go through PRINCE2 past practitioner’s exam papers. If you have opted for Association Project Management you will have to study fewer topics. Axelos makes the exam papers.


This was launched in June 2018. It requires immense knowledge of the concepts of PRINCE2. 


This certifies that an individual has mastered the concepts of Scrum and Kanban alongside PRINCE2 concepts.

The worthiness of PRINCE2 certification

The scope of opportunities that one can unlock is very wide. Any Project Manager with a Practitioner Certificate in the USA is earning around 80k to 150k dollars or the same guy can earn 40k to 60k Pounds. An Agile Certificate holder can earn between 100k to 150 k Dollars in the US and similarly in the UK.

Though a big paycheck is not earned right after the completion of the course you will have to gain a bit of experience in your field of expertise. Still, it’s one of the most valued projects management courses.

If you get a good mentor or organization which can prepare you for the best results of your exam you are sure to have early success. For instance, you will have a better understanding of how to manage adamant stakeholders, keeping the system efficient and flawless, making amendments where ever you can to maintain a good work environment.

He will give you a better insight into the real world because he has been there and done all that you are expected to do. If you find an ideal mentor your rate of success is very high. But in the end, you still have to do hard work, in the beginning, to get the best out of your certificate. Just the certificate doesn’t guarantee that you will receive the big bucks.  

Summarizing all of the above we can say that PRINCE2 opens a path for you to get an ideal career. But it’s your own you to work hard and achieve a position where you are completely independent to make your own decisions in any project.