How to survive a Narcissistic Boss?


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

One tricky thing about employment is you can choose the job you like and negotiate the amount of salary you desire, but you can’t alter your boss’ character. What if unfortunately he’s successful and he’s company is one of the best in the industry, it’s just that he’s narcissistic?

According to psychiatrist and intuitive healer Dr. Judith Orloff, few of the many strong traits of narcissists are they aim for admiration, want to feel their importance, and it’s hard for them to give empathy. Some of them are charming and caring too, but if you hit their egos and oppose their ideas that’s when they go against you.  The NY Times bestselling author also added beware of narcissists’ promises and as much as possible don’t be too sensitive with them.

“Don’t get caught in the trap of always trying to please a narcissist. Also protect your sensitivity. Refrain from confiding your deepest feelings to someone who won’t cherish them,” Dr. Orloff’s advice when dealing with narcissist.

Meantime Harvard Business Review shared that there’s a difference between narcissist and egomaniac.  If you know the kind of people you are working with and then, you can find better way to cope with their personality. You can go around and match narcissists’ intentions because you know basically how they work.  Few of the ways to appease narcissistic bosses are to stroke their egos and package your ideas that look pleasant for their images.  Furthermore, accepting the challenge to be with them can be rewarding too because most narcissistic leaders are creative, visionary, and can inspire other people.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

However like Orloff’s advice, HBR reminded that you should be careful and protect yourself especially your self-esteem. Thus, you need a diversion besides your work to release your tensions and stress. They also warn that don’t challenge or start gossips about narcissistic bosses. These individuals know how to give you great lessons you will never forget.