How to stay focused on your work productivity?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles | Nowadays multitasking is not merely a demand that you need to do, but also become a habit too that’s hard to shake up. It’s due to different reasons like if you’re accustomed to entertain distractions while doing your job. You may look super human outside and yet, you also feel exhausted inside because you can’t find your focus.

For the sake of productivity, being focused is vital to keep your good performance intact. What people don’t realize when they become distracted, they’re wasting their time and energy on the tasks they shouldn’t do. Apart from this, they also need to prioritize their goals according to importance or urgency.  How will you keep your concentration for your work?

Detox.  To lose weight, we need to watch our diet and eliminate unhealthy foods like those too salty, fatty, and sweet.  It’s also the same with your focus, you need to avoid unnecessary stuff that are too disturbing.  Thus it’s a sacrificial act to break away from constantly browsing internet, but it’s the simple revolutionary strategy.

Prioritize.  If you know Trello, Kanban, and other similar apps or methods, their common denominator is to prioritize what needs to be done first.  In this modern age that 24 hours are seem not enough, you need to be extra careful on how will you spend your time.  Thus it’s not only about listing you tasks for the day, but wisely scheduling them.

 Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Direct.  If you want others to respect your time and space, then you need to direct them too. Put sign on your wall or any part of your work station that clearly warn everyone that you’re busy. Be open to speak or don’t be afraid to become upfront if you aim to concentrate on your job before entertaining chitchatting. It’s far better than to confront any of your colleague because you feel exhausted of blabbering.  Anyway, important messages are usually communicated through e-mail or phone call.

Organize.  Arranging your documents and office materials may be a one-time tedious task, but it’s very beneficial for your focus.  If everything is in their proper places, you just to extend your hands and not to worry if you can’t find what you need.