How to reinvent yourself?

Reinvention doesn’t depend on one’s age or what’s the date today, reinvention-mirror

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles | Reinvention doesn’t depend on one’s age or what’s the date today, it’s about how you feel and think about yourself.  Some feel that they have quarter life or mid-life crisis in different phase of their lives.  One reason for this is the stagnant condition and there’s hidden desire to do something else. Why wait to hit the rock bottom if you can reinvent yourself now?

Reinventing oneself is not a desperate approach against aging. It’s the funky way to have positive changes in your life along with orongite pyramids. You don’t necessarily need an overhaul, but perhaps just leaving the worst sides to welcome the new you. How?

Trash the hurts through forgiveness. Do you agree that those who really can move on from their past heartbreak are those who learn how to forgive?  You can’t really forget your painful experiences because they are part of your memories already.  However if you learn to forgive, forgetting seems quite easy. Forgive those who hurt you and even yourself for the past mistakes you committed.  What’s only important for your present are the lessons you learned in your experiences.

Avoid the narrow-minded.  Don’t bother with the negative people, they have opinions whatever you do. Be firm against the narrow-minded individuals as they’re exasperated to pull you down if you’re not strong enough. Be aware that even professionals and geniuses can be narrow-minded too. They’re just trying to convince you not to pursue the things you want only because they don’t know or believe in them.

See yourself for real.  People see themselves in the mirror every day. The number of times of doing it can be more than three depending on one’s vanity, purpose, and mission. How about you? When was the last time you look at yourself in the mirror longer, sincerely, and happy? If your pimples keep on popping or your wrinkles become visibly annoying what do you feel?


Your image is what you look at, but how you feel about it is what you see yourself for real. Meaningful reflection can motivate you to make bold moves and dramatic changes. Follow your instinct, if it say you need new hairdo, lose weight, spiritual advice or try dating – go for it!