How to Properly Fireproof Your Building

How to Properly Fireproof Your Building

Executive Chronicles | How to Properly Fireproof Your Building | Did you know that every year, an estimated 350 thousand housing structures catch on fire? This can be caused by wildfires, internal accidents, or even arson.

Would you like to learn how to fireproof your building so everyone can stay safe? Here are some tips for fire safety, and what fire hazards you should avoid when constructing and living in your structure.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials

The best way to prevent a fire from spreading is to ensure that you have fire-resistant materials. That way, the fire has less of a chance of jumping to other rooms or bringing down the building.

For windows, dual-paned glass is a great option. These types of windows will save you money because they are more energy-efficient than traditional glass, but they will also protect your home from flames.

Concrete, brick, and stucco are good for the general construction of your building. Concrete is your safest bet, though not as attractive as brick or stucco. However, all three of these materials will slow down a fire substantially. This can mean life or death if you’re making a fire escape.

Check Electrical Wiring

Electrical fires are one of the most common fire safety failures when it comes to residential buildings. Faulty wiring and a single spark can ignite enough flames to bring a house or apartment complex down.

You should regularly inspect your electrical wiring and breaker box for any signs of damage. Often, rodents or other critters may gnaw your electrical wiring and cause unknown damage. If you have problems with your power supply, be sure to inspect your lines.

Secure Gas Lines

Gas is one of the more dangerous fire hazards because sometimes it is difficult to detect when there is a leak. Unlike electrical fires, which cause smoke and a unique smell, gas can be invisible until it is too late.

If you happen to smell gas in the air, do not turn on anything, even light switches. Inspect your gas lines and gas appliances regularly to avoid this from happening.

Install Fire Doors

Sometimes doors are much too hot to go through if there is a raging fire. This can leave people trapped in rooms and unable to make a fire escape in time to get out of the building.

Make sure that all of your doors follow the fire code. In order to avoid fines or damages, try fire door testing to ensure that your doors will keep you safe from any fire hazards.

Fireproof Your Building Today

Whether you want to build a new structure or simply make sure your existing building is safe, you should be aware of what causes fires. With this guide on how to fireproof your building, you can rest easy knowing that fires are much more preventable.

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