How to Promote Cultural-fit in Job Contentment in the New Normal

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By MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles  | How to Promote Cultural-fit matters in Job Contentment in the New Normal | Things definitely need to change in the office setting in the post-pandemic world we live in. Well, yes, it’s true that as of this writing, there’s still no cure or vaccine for the Covid-19 virus. So things will need to drastically change.

The Basics – Salary and Cohesion

Can you stay in the company although you don’t get a high salary? What about doing something different from your desired career?  If yes, what fuels you to stay?  One possible reason for these is you’re fit to your company’s culture, which makes you feel contented with your job.

Every company has its own distinct culture and it depends on different factors. According to Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, cultural fit can be about common “beliefs,” “priorities,” and “stylistic cohesion. “

“Cohesion isn’t about finding lots of people who are the same, but about making sure there’s no one on the team that detracts from others and that many get more enjoyment and progress from the diverse perspectives their co-workers bring,” Fishkin explained.

If you’re a people person and as a comfortable outfit, then it’s hard for you to fit in the “business talk only” environment. Your co-workers would affect your performance and the way you feel about your job.  Remember though that it’s not about differences in personalities, but the common values of everyone in the company.

Getting into Remote Mode

The new normal through the pandemic has ushered in a new way of doing meetings. A mix of remote and non-remote jobs have become more real. The thousands of New Yorkers who made their way out of the city during the height of the infections have allowed people to see things in a different light, as far as the workplace and the culture it brings means.

Having to fit into this new normal culture might be a shock to others and a welcome opportunity for some. The point is that if you’re into remote teams, then some team building activities will allow you and the rest of the team members to work cohesively.

Here are some activities from that may work particularly well with remote teams and they’re a great way to get people in the right mindset before the meeting, but they can also help your remote team get to better know each other.

Here are 42 Easy Remote Team Building Activities for Your Next [Zoom] Meeting


How will you know if you’re fit in your next company’s culture?

Aside from asking directly the hiring officer about their company’s culture, be also observant of the company’s ambiance.  Are their workers look snub or polite? Do they casually communicating to each other with or they are mostly busy working in their work stations?   In some instances, the office’s layout also says something about the company’s culture. Notice the combinations of bright colors on the wall, separation of cubicles, and cleanliness in the hallway.

Asking your position’s relevance in the company’s business is not something bad.

Whether you’re still in the application process or already hired, the feeling that you give ample contribution brings a sense of fulfillment. It also makes you feel more fit in the company, which according to Fortune’s report is vital for millennial employees nowadays.

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“Finally, more so than previous generations, millennials place great importance on social causes and sense of purpose – and they define that purpose two-fold. The first is self-purpose; how do they fit into the organizational puzzle? How is their work relevant? Does anybody care?” Cornerstone OnDemand, provider of human-resources software based in California, President, and CEO Adam Miller, shared on Fortune. “The second aspect is the purpose of the company.”