How to Plan a Backpacking Trip: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip: A Beginner’s Guide | Since the nationwide shut down in March of 2020 due to Covid-19, many people report experiencing mental health issues, like depression. Many people say they feel like they missed out on life for a year and are itching to get outside and experience life again.

One way to get out of your home safely is to go backpacking in nature. You can do this at your local park or plan a trip. However, backpacking is not something you can jump into without research and planning.

Do you want to know how to plan a backpacking trip? If so, continue reading our informative guide for beginners.

Look at Your Finances

The first thing you want to do before planning your backpacking trip is to look at what you can and can’t afford. For instance, many people enjoy backpacking through Europe.

However, that trip will cost you around $25,000. If that isn’t something you can swing, you might want to look into traveling a little closer to home.

There are plenty of areas in the country for a USA backpacking trip that will cost you significantly less. You can even choose somewhere in your state or hometown.

Whatever you do, do not decide to backpack on the spur of the moment. Ensure you have enough financial resources to get you through your journey.

Research Conditions

Wherever you choose to visit, you want to do your homework on what weather conditions are typical for the area. You also want to study up to the local terrain. Nothing is worse than backpacking through a place that experiences heavy downfalls of rain or intense heat.

Get Your Gear

Next up, you want to research the appropriate gear to have with you. It can be all too easy to feel overwhelmed when figuring out what to bring on a backpacking trip.

That is because there are countless forms of gear out on the market. Research your area and figure out what items are necessary for your trip and which are not.

That will bring down the stress and help you figure out how to pack for a backpacking trip. For more gear tips, you can check out

Go to the Doctor

Always visit a doctor before you decide to do something strenuous. You want to ensure that you are in good physical shape and health to trek through a forest or across the country. Several health risks come with backpacking. You don’t want to find that out once you have already begun.

Always Have Food on Hand

Along with gear, you want to ensure you have food like protein and power bars stashed away in your backpack. Backpacking can lead to uncertain times. In case of an emergency, you want to have food on hand to keep yourself nourished.

Take a Survival Class

If you plan on taking a long backpacking trip, you can always take a survival class. These handy sessions will teach you how to use the elements to your benefit should you ever need the skills.

While backpacking is relatively safe, you always want to remain prepared. That means knowing how to start a fire or build a shelter.

More Tips on How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

As you can tell, there are several things to know on how to plan a backpacking trip. You want to look into your finances to see what trip you can afford. Along with that, you must ensure your physical health is in tip-top shape to withstand long hikes through nature.

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