How to Manage Business, Work at the Same Time?

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By MJ Gonzales│Executive Chronicles

Work and business are two different aspects. One requires time and yet promises a fulfilling career, while the second one demands out-of-the box effort.  With these factors plus the challenge of keeping your domestic life, it is understandable that very few people try and continue. But come to think of it, what makes those few balance their business and work at the same time?

Say No to Multitasking, Yes to Scheduling.   There are tons of studies that suggest multitasking is not advisable and especially   handling big endeavors.  So instead of switching from business task to workload, set your time where you can focus in one project at a time.   If your shift is graveyard, then it is good if your business appointments are set in the afternoon or few hours before you go in the office.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Remember also that it’s unethical to do personal business during work time. In addition to this, it also exhausting if you’re running after your boss then taking clients calls.

Remember Pareto Principle, Don’t Do Everything.   If you know Pareto Principle or the rule of   Vital Few, it could help you.  It means you have to focus on important things, and then learn to collaborate or assign tasks to others you can trust instead doing everything on your own. Perhaps, you just starting out and someone from your family can help you to take orders or buy your store supplies while you’re in the office. But if you can, better to hire an assistant that can focus and help your business.

Make smart choices, and move.  In the series of article of Caroline Ceniza-Levine posted on Forbes and LinkedIn, the career expert and executive coach that making moves for business is better than imagining it.  You just have to be clear which weigh heavier at the moment or your real priority.   Nevertheless, if you already have business ideas in mind try to do things to know if it works or not.

“If your day job is more than just cash (i.e., you like it and want to have a career here) then going above and beyond in terms of work performance is recommended. However, don’t wait for the perfect strategy for what to do next – the perfect idea for your exact long-term role, the perfect time to network, the perfect moment to ask for a raise. There is no perfection, and the benefit of movement almost always outweighs the benefit of waiting for the better time,” Ceniza-Levine shared.