How to Maintain Your Hygiene on the Road

How to Maintain Your Hygiene on the Road | How to Maintain Your Hygiene on the Road | If you’re travelling a lot due to personal or business reasons, you know how challenging staying fresh on the road can be. However, it can all be boiled down to these 5 simple factors: being aware of your habits, washing your hands, keeping your face and body clean, caring for your oral hygiene, and packing the right clothes. 

Be aware of your habits

Firstly, try to be aware of your own habits. We usually tend to forget that we go around all day touching stuff and then we touch our faces, which is not very hygienic. Pay attention to your behaviour. Try to minimise bad behaviours such as touching too many stuff and work on developing some of the healthier  habits like washing your hands after using public transport, touching the buttons in an elevator, and so on. In case your hands have been in contact with door handles, rails and other such items, try not to touch your face until you get a chance to wash your hands. In case you are travelling, it’s always a good option to have wipes or hand sanitizer with you. 

Wash your hands often

Speaking of which, we need to emphasize the importance of having clean and hygienic hands at all times. If you’re travelling, you may not have access to toilets at all times and you may have to find alternative ways to keep your hands clean and sanitized properly. For this reason, consider keeping a bag of essential hygiene products no matter where you go. You can find simple wet wipes in almost any store and you can always carry a hand sanitizer with you as well. You only need to make sure that it’s an alcohol-based one. Make sure your hands are properly cleaned and sanitized before and after every meal you have throughout the day.

Keep your face and body clean

You also need to keep your face and body clean. If you’re staying in a hotel, then you’ll have no problem accessing clean running water. This will make it easier for you to stay fresh and clean every day. On the other hand, if you plan on using your car or van for sleeping, you will need to find alternative ways of staying clean throughout your trip. Make sure you bring facial wipes so that you can clean your face. Don’t forget the moisturiser and a sunscreen to keep your face hydrated and protected from the sun exposure. When it comes to keeping your body clean, you can get one of those soaps that don’t need to be rinsed. You can also bring wet wipes and deodorant. 

Take care of your oral hygiene

Staying fresh on the road also implies good oral hygiene. The most important thing you need to take care of before you leave is your overall oral hygiene and health. That is why visiting a dentist right before travelling is a crucial step. Visiting a  professional Penrith Dental Clinic can help you detect and fix any potential issues you may be having so that you don’t have to struggle with them on the road. 

Apart from that, making sure you can keep your teeth clean and healthy on the road is the second priority. You need to bring a travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, don’t forget the importance of flossing. You can also keep chewing gums in your bag for those moments when you simply can’t brush your teeth due to your circumstances.

Choose the right clothes

Lastly, the importance of bringing the right clothing can’t be emphasized enough. No matter where you are travelling to, you need to make sure you are bringing clothes appropriate for bad weather. That means bringing waterproof items like comfy footwear and an easily packable jacket. By doing so you will ensure you don’t catch a cold if the weather is bad. Apart from that, consider bringing clothes that don’t get wrinkled that easily so that you can pack them easily without having to worry about what they’re going to look like after a long trip.


All things considered, there are five main factors you need to keep in mind if you want to stay clean and fresh when travelling: your hygienic habits, your hands, your body, your oral hygiene, and your clothes.  

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