How to Live Sustainably: 5 Ways That You Probably Never Knew About

How to Live Sustainably | How to Live Sustainably: 5 Ways That You Probably Never Knew About | Reading the news can be worrying—with so many global problems like global warming and pollution, how can individuals make a difference?

One one of the best things you can do is live more sustainably, meaning you make choices that are good for the planet. Luckily, even small changes, like refusing a plastic bag at a store, can make a big difference!

Want to learn how to live sustainably? If so, keep reading to find five helpful tips to help you get started.

  1. Join Plastic Free July

You know that reducing plastic use is a good way to live sustainably, but it’s not always easy—plastic is everywhere!

If you’re looking for tips in giving up plastic, get involved with Plastic Free July. They’re a non-profit dedicated to reducing plastic use and will give you plenty of tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hopefully, you’ll develop new habits in July that will last throughout the year!

  1. Support Fair Trade Businesses

When shopping, try to always support businesses that are Fair Trade Certified. This means that the company abides by sustainable and ethical practices, such as paying workers fairly and supports local farmers.

The more we can support fair trade and local businesses, the better it is for the planet. An easy to shop local is by visiting a farmers market for your produce instead of shopping in a chain grocery store.

  1. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are lots of ways to make your home more energy-efficient, such as installing new windows, adding solar, or using smart tech to save energy—sustainability business GoodLeap can help with this.

It can also help to add insulation, as it will help trap heat in the winter, resulting in lower power bills.

  1. Take Shorter Showers

Water is a limited resource, especially in parts of the country prone to drought. An easy help to conserve water is to shorten your showers, even by a minute.

You can also place a bucket in your shower, collecting excess water that can be recycled. Use it for your houseplants or garden to help conserve water.

  1. Start a Compost Pile

If you want to reduce the amount of garbage your household produces, it can be fun to start a compost pile. As the compost breaks down, you’ll get rich fertilizer that’s amazing for your garden..

Build a base layer of grass or twigs, then add organic waste, such as veggie food scraps, eggshells, and even cardboard.

These Tips Can Help You Learn How to Live Sustainably

If you’re curious about how to live sustainably, we hope the tips above gave you some new ideas to think about. Start by brainstorming ways you can change your daily life, incorporating more eco-friendly choices.

Over time, you’ll become a pro in sustainability–it feels amazing to know that your actions are helping the planet, so give it a go today!

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