How to land your dream job with the best CV and Resume [Infographic]

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How to land your dream job with the best CV and Resume [Infographic] | by Kyla Camille | Finding it hard to land your dream job? Start with the right CV or Resume.

The first step towards trying to secure a full-time job is to ensure that your CV and résumé are flawless. With that in mind, you would expect any applicant to tick this box with ease, but employers are flooded every day with applications that are rife with mistakes, and this is inexcusable. If an applicant cannot even get their CV and résumé right, that doesn’t exactly bode well for their chances of being able to perform the job adequately. Of course, you can rely on resume templates that are available online.

Australian payroll and contractor management company Ayers ( produced this infographic about the most common CV and résumé mistakes to avoid, as well as how to write these all-important documents so that your application will strike a chord with recruiters. You have precious little time to impress a recruiter, so make the most of it and ensure that your application demands their attention. A sure-fire way not to do this is to have a spelling mistake, a banal cliché or an out-and-out lie. Certainly talk yourself up in a CV and résumé, but any claims you make should be justified by real life examples from your previous work experience.

Also, remember what you’re writing for. Unless the role is for a graphic designer and they clearly want an artistic application, don’t be tempted to use bright colours, pretty fonts and eye-catching images. These are simply unnecessary and could even be interpreted as a means of trying to distract the employer from substandard written content. Use a neutral colour such as black or blue, choose a restrained font such as Times New Roman, and ensure that the layout of your application is consistent.

If you know deep down that you are the ideal candidate for a job being advertised, don’t waste your glorious chance because of a sloppy CV or résumé. A recruiter won’t know that you’re tailor made for the role and, if your application fails to make an impression, they’ll simply toss it aside and move on to the next prospective candidate.

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