How to Increase Body Positivity

How to Increase Body Positivity

How to Increase Body Positivity | Being unhappy with the way that you look can be very detrimental to your self-esteem and confidence. However, the feelings that you’re currently experiencing don’t have to control your reality. Much like we have the ability to feel negative about our bodies (with the exception of body dysmorphia, which needs to be treated), we also have the ability to dictate whether or not we choose to be positive about them. Do you struggle with poor self-image? If so, here are a few tips on how to increase body positivity.

Get the help you need if you’re struggling with mental illness.

Sometimes, low self-esteem is something that we can treat and manage on our own. However, this is not the case for everyone. Whether you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder, a mood disorder like major depression, or body dysmorphia, and eating disorders, these issues won’t go away until they’re professionally treated. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to spot symptoms of depression or other mental health problems social anxiety symptoms if you’re not sure of what to look out for. What are you supposed to do?

If you struggle with accepting your body or believe that you may have mental health disorders that are causing this, the next step is to seek treatment for issues like social anxiety and depression. Therapy is an excellent tool as experienced psychologists and psychotherapists will work with you to help you understand your condition. Whether you’re experiencing social anxiety or major depressive disorder, a therapist can leverage treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy to treat you and provide you with coping mechanisms to help you lead a better quality of life. No matter what you may be experiencing, there’s always hope!

Find clothes that make you feel more confident about how you look.

Our clothing plays a crucial role in how we feel and present ourselves. If we dress in clothes that make us feel terrible and use our clothing to hide away, we’re naturally going to continue to perpetuate the myth that our bodies aren’t good enough for ourselves or the world. The only way we can break this cycle is by being confident in the skin that we’re in. Look for the perfect fit that makes you feel powerful and sexy. It may feel comfortable at first, but you’re sure to enjoy it when you’re out in social situations and people notice how much happier you are.

If you’re looking to start slow, you can always begin with something as simple as a bra, for example. Take things step by step by doing a quick Google search for “how do you measure bra size?” in order to look for the perfect bra that’s both comfortable and attractive to you. Once you feel more confident in your bra, you can then move to panties, dresses, tops, and other items as you fill your wardrobe with things that make you feel good!

Practice radical self-acceptance to love yourself as you are.

There’s a myth that practicing body positivity means not working towards the body that you want. This is simply not true. Body positivity means being able to accept yourself and love the body that you’re in, even if you’re working towards losing weight or making other changes. It’s important that you learn how to accept and love the things you can’t change and be happy with your body unconditionally. Remember, your body is keeping you alive—show it some love!

Maintaining body positivity and confidence in a world with rigorous image expectations can be difficult. However, as we’ve seen by the positivity revolution, it’s not impossible. If you’re looking to become more confident in the way you look, use the tips above to boost your self-esteem and accept the skin that you’re in!