How to Improve Deliveries as a Florist

How to Improve Deliveries as a Florist
Photo by Matthew Nevins Bell on Unsplash

ExecutiveChronicles | How to Improve Deliveries as a Florist | Efficiency is crucial when running a floristry business. Flowers can wilt, and customers will rely on your company for prompt floral arrangement deliveries. After all, they might have requested a bouquet for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or funeral, to name a few occasions.

For this reason, you must strive to deliver floral arrangements on schedule to maintain customer satisfaction and encourage repeat orders. Read the following advice on how to improve deliveries as a florist.

Select the Right Vehicle for Your Business

Every florist must own a spacious, dependable vehicle to deliver floral arrangements on schedule and prevent overcrowding. If you often hand deliver flowers to many customers, you must select transportation that will provide each order with space to avoid damage on the road. 

Also, invest in a vehicle that will boost your reliability when hand-delivering flowers. For instance, a Ford Transit Custom sport van can be customized to complement your company’s specific needs and features 8-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels, premium tires, and a quad stainless steel sports exhaust system.

Prevent Miscommunication

The last thing you will want is to disappoint a customer due to a simple miscommunication. Human error affects every business, which is why you must try to avoid mistakes as much as possible. 

For instance, introduce a florist POS system to print out a ticket with the correct address and delivery time to ensure a floral arrangement arrives at a recipient’s door on schedule. It will prevent you from noting down the wrong time or door number and make you feel confident you have handed flowers to the right person. Also, a POS system can accurately monitor inventory and track orders to improve internal efficiency.

Prepare for Peak Seasons

Every florist will have peak seasons they will need to prepare for in advance. For instance, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists, which will place pressure on supply chains.

Avoid disappointment by organizing fast deliveries of fresh flowers to your business address. Strive to build connections with suppliers to ensure only the freshest flowers will arrive before peak seasons. Also, you must deliver the flowers as soon as possible to recipients, as they will lose 15% of their value each day. Remember, talented florists who provide the freshest flowers on schedule will have more satisfied customers.

Provide Letterbox Deliveries

Many florists have introduced letterbox arrangements to simplify deliveries and increase their revenues. By providing letterbox flowers, a customer doesn’t need to worry about the recipient being at home for a delivery. Also, you will not need to fret if the recipient isn’t at the property to collect their flowers. It is a clever way to speed up delivery times, boost customer satisfaction, improve internal efficiency, and increase annual sales.

Don’t lose customers due to inefficient deliveries of your floral arrangements. Transform your delivery service by investing in the right vehicle, preparing for peak seasons, and preventing customer miscommunications as much as possible.