How to Find Affordable and Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

How to Find Affordable and Certified Translation Services | The translation services industry is a multi-billion dollar market, and for good reason. In an interconnected, globalized world, it’s never been more important to hire reliable translators. Whether you’re a business trying to open markets in new regions, or an individual trying to make a dent on the other side of the globe, translation is the key to your success.

But is there such a thing as trustworthy, certified translation services that are also affordable? Do you always have to fork out a heap of cash for quality translation?

Thankfully, no. All it takes is a little know-how and you too can find affordable, high-quality translation services.

Let’s find out how.

Do Your Research

When you’re looking into potential translation partners, go a bit deeper than the homepage. It’s easy to leap on the first option with a decent price and a slick website, but by keeping your wits about you it’s easy to avoid traps.

For example, are there any errors on the translation service’s website itself? Are sentences structured in a strange way, or rife with typos, or missing words? The work a translator puts into their website is a foretaste of the work they’ll put into your request, so make sure you scrutinize them thoroughly.

It’s not just the website you should check out, though. Translation services usually have pages for testimonials from their satisfied clients available to peruse, like the one you find when you visit A translator that doesn’t surface their customer feedback (or that has loads of bad reviews on external review times) isn’t worth taking the risk on.

Use More Common Languages

Sometimes, you’ve got no choice about what language you’re translating to. At other times, though, you have options. For example, when publishing in countries that speak French, English, or Spanish in addition to a smaller native language.

In this case, a great way to get cheaper certified translation services is to opt for the bigger, more populous languages. It’s much cheaper to get documents translated into global languages like English, Russian, or Spanish than it is to publish them in Kazakh or Welsh.

It’s simple when you think about it. Over a billion people speak English across the world, so the supply of translators is super high. Meanwhile, languages with only a few million speakers have far fewer translators, so their skills are a lot more expensive.

It can be strange to think about, but language is a commodity like any other. Translation services follow the laws of supply and demand too!

Finding Certified Translation Services That Suit You

Finding translation services, even certified translation services, is a lot like finding anything else. So long as you do your research and calibrate your demands effectively, you’re bound to be happy with your result.

After all, working with people that present themselves professionally and have a long history of satisfied customers rarely goes wrong in any field.

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