How to face the ‘Age Limit’ issue in working?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

In your 20s, the struggle is all about acquiring relevant work experiences. However when you finally have the skills and experience, some companies probably hesitate to hire you because either you are already overqualified or aging? If you fall in the second, what do you do to counter this “age limit” stigma?

The age limit requirement of workers depends on the industry they belong, which somehow has something to do with a job’s physical demands.  Apparently, we see more of younger workers in the food, medical, and service industries than other fields. In the Philippines, age is only one of the many discriminating factors aside from height, school and status (single or married) of applicants.  It’s different from other countries, wherein they don’t mind age as long as their workers can deliver.  Is age limit also the reason why more and more Filipinos work overseas?

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or already entering 50s, it’s good to ponder how you age well in terms of career and your backup plans when ageism hits you.  Here are few suggestions and reminders:

  • Credit: Pixabay
    Credit: Pixabay

    Don’t put you age or date of your birth on your resume/ profile. Whether you’re proud of your age or not, mentioning it on your resume may automatically distract the hiring officers.  Let them read your achievements and expertise first so what they’ll analyze is your great potential, not your physical age.

  • Be an expert in your field. It’s not about being Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all, but it’s about letting your personal brand or expertise speaks about you.  For example, when we attend big seminars and trainings what we see are experts, not old speakers. We don’t even care if they’re already have husky voices and thick eyeglasses as long as they give us motivational information.
  • Try telecommuting/ online work.  Technology doesn’t discriminate workers, its workers’ attitude and thinking that disfavor technology. This is why also telecommuting or freelancing even more enticing. You’ll be hired by foreigners and locals, not according to your age and face value.  All they want is how capable you’re for the job and your output. Other veteran freelance workers also enjoy the fact that in telecommuting they don’t need to report in the office, where they feel odd and experience exhaustion.