How To Cure That Wanderlust Feeling

How To Cure That Wanderlust Feeling Simple Travel Safety Tips

How To Cure That Wanderlust Feeling | Do you find yourself daydreaming of a far-flung adventure? Maybe you’ve caught yourself scrolling through Instagram pages and Pinterest boards drooling over photos of the Greek isles, Tuscan vineyards, and Bangkok’s street food stands. You’re certainly not alone. A year and a half after international vacations came to a screeching halt, it is normal to be itching to dip your feet in international waters. Until your next foreign excursion, here are a few ways to satiate your wanderlust.

Plan your dream vacation.

Just because you can’t hop on a plane tomorrow doesn’t mean you can’t plan your dream vacation. Spin a globe, flip through your favorite travel magazines, and figure out where you’ll head as soon as international borders open. Are you dreaming of a luxury villa on Cabo’s Sea of Cortez complete with a private chef and private pool where you can lounge with a margarita in hand? Maybe you’re longing to stay at a resort in the Caribbean with a pool, a hot tub, beach access, and numerous other amenities. Or, perhaps a trip to Italy is in the cards for you, where you can swim in the Mediterranean Sea, taste wine in Tuscany, and eat your way through the diverse culinary regions.

Wherever you choose to go, it’s never too early to gather inspiration and do some light planning. Research Cabo Villa Rentals if you decide on a Mexican vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Many hotels and villas are offering discounts and special savings to encourage travel, so if you find a good deal, consider booking a place now even if your trip isn’t for a while. There is a lot of flexibility in the tourism industry at the moment that allows for cancellations, rebooking, and refunds if necessary.

Watch a travel documentary.

If you can’t physically travel at the moment, why not take a virtual trip? Find a travel documentary on Netflix that inspires wanderlust and enables you to explore new lands and cultures from the comfort of your own home. Check out books from the library about great adventures, whisking you away to the streets of Bombay or the tips of the Andes mountains. Although traveling this way doesn’t have quite the same effect, it will feed your wanderlust until you can visit exotic locales in person.

Get your closet trip-ready.

Why not cure your wanderlust and be productive at the same time by getting your wardrobe ready for your impending trip? If you’re heading on an outdoor adventure, you’ll need items like trekking clothes and shoes, as well as layers and sun protection. For an urban vacation, you may want a new pair of denim, comfortable walking shoes, a versatile sweater for cool evenings, and of course some fun accessories. Beach vacations and island getaways call for lightweight dresses and skirts, sandals, and a sun hat. Have fun browsing local boutiques and vintage stores in search of the best discounts. Look online at shops offering additional discounts and free shipping, such as the online selection of Chico’s women’s clothing, to find the best deals and save on your vacation wardrobe.

Host an international soiree.

One of the best parts about travel is the opportunity to be immersed in somewhere entirely new, where you experience different cuisine, music, architecture, languages, and traditions. Why not recreate this experience at home? Pick a country for the theme; maybe it’s Mexico, France, or Japan. Download a playlist of the local music, cook an authentic meal of the country you choose, and add a few decorations that will whisk you and your friends off to Tokyo, Bordeaux, or Cabo San Lucas. Learn a few phrases in the language, dig into your feast, and you’ll almost forget that you haven’t left your house!

Go on a local adventure.

While international adventures aren’t as easy at the moment, why not take a mini trip in your own backyard? Traveling locally can still curb your wanderlust cravings by providing you with a sense of discovery and adventure. You may want to plan a road trip across the continental U.S., traversing the West Coast or visiting the awe-inspiring canyons and arches of the national parks in the Southwest. Alternatively, keep it super local by heading to that small U.S. town in your home state that you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, go on a hike in the mountains, have a picnic on the beach, or book yourself a spa day. These small adventures still engage your sense of curiosity and adventure and support local tourism.