How to Create an Order Form with Document Management Automation

| An order form template is used in e-commerce. The order form can be used to sell
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Negosentro | How to Create an Order Form with Document Management Automation | An order form template is used in e-commerce. The order form can be used to sell services or products, and you can choose from a list of suitable payment methods. The purpose of its application is to boost sales in order to increase income. If desired, the form can be created from scratch in minutes. It is recommended to use the appropriate software for this purpose. 

What is an order form template?

The order sample is a typical document with empty boxes, which can be used to sell products or services. An important criterion is its informative character. Everything necessary for the transaction should be included. The form is drawn up based on the principle of a contract. It records the points that the seller and the buyer agree on. The official text must contain information about the two parties to the transaction. Such information includes:

  • the company names (full names of people);
  • addresses of companies or individuals; 
  • amounts and methods of payment.

The form is suitable to answer any request by customers. You can write all the characteristics that are associated with the promoted service. 

How to use the order form template?

The document can be used to collect any kind of information about the product, for instance, to improve the product’s quality or customer service. The form is created from scratch or with the help of ready-made templates. There are six steps to complete.

  1. Analyze the product/service to be promoted. The further development of the brand (if it has already been developed) depends on this criterion. The form should include basic information about the company and products.
  2. Choose a tool. Decide on ready-made software, or for more convenience, check a free form builder available online that would enable you to work with templates or a design tool. Functionality and simplicity are important. It is recommended that a suitable payment system is integrated into the design tool. 
  3. Customize the template. Fields are chosen at the user’s discretion. Necessary information from customers and peculiarities of the order/service are taken into account. An answer is given as to what the company can do for the customer. 
  4. Add pictures of the product. They should be displayed next to the description. You can choose them from the company’s portfolio. Another option is to add customer feedback and testimonials.
  5. Customize the template. You should use the corporate style to promote the brand. It is allowed to add elements that are relevant to the business. They are the company logo, suitable images, and colors. 
  6. Choose a payment method. In addition to plastic cards and bank transfers, there are many payment services. When using e-wallets, an account should be created at the first stage. The second stage involves integrating it with the form. 

If the setting is completed successfully, an appropriate message is displayed. It is automatically sent to the form maker. 

Is it wise to use the Pandadoc software?

It absolutely is. Pandadoc is high-quality software that can be used on your computer or cell phone. The American IT company has developed software for clients seeking to automate document management. It is a cloud-based software that has the advantages, including the following:

  • documents are generated with the use of templates;
  • a digital signature is used; 
  • the script can be hosted.

If necessary, ready-made quotation offers are used, which are tailored to the company’s corporate style and requirements. There are dedicated templates for contracts and HR documents. A suitable sample can be downloaded for free and customized to your preferences. Currency and language parameters can be easily adjusted. Analytics can be requested in real-time.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash