How to Cope When You Feel Exhausted at Work


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles

Working from 8 to 5 combined with the pressure of fulfilling your role in life is truly emotionally and physically draining. But, life doesn’t stop even when we are tired.

There are mouths to feed, bills to pay and obligations to fulfill. So how do you revive the energy when you are exhausted at work?

Here are some methods worth trying:

Combat frustration with HALT and evaluation.

The feeling of frustration leads to being exhausted at work. The feeling that your efforts are constantly disregarded can be irritating. But before reacting negatively, take a halt.

Take yourself out of the situation. Think about the positive side of the situation to change your negative emotion.

Combat anxiety with focusing.

It is normal to feel a little nervous and anxious especially when there is constant change in some aspects of your workplace.

But worrying about unidentified things can drain you physically and mentally, giving you the feeling of being exhausted at work.

Worrying, like any other negative emotions, is contagious so stay away from other “worriers”. If there are challenges, focus on the action and not on your reaction.

Exhausted at Work (2)

Combat unhappiness with a smile.

If you are not happy, walk out of the situation. But the reality is, you can’t just walk away from your job. Being unhappy is one important factor in being exhausted at work.

An unhappy worker is an unproductive worker. Deal with this at once by making it clear about what makes you unhappy. What exactly causes your sadness? Then take some time to think about how you can reverse that emotion.

You can confide in your trusted friend or even a supervisor that you trust. You can also change the way you think and manage to smile even on the verge of unhappiness.

Tone down anger stopping and picturing.

Most people don’t do well when they are angry. Very few possess the ability to control anger and act positively. Anger, like other negative emotions, is also emotionally draining. To avoid giving in to temper outbursts, watch out for the signs when you are angry. Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath.

If you can, avoid the situation or the concerned person but don’t forget to deal with it later when you have controlled your emotions.

Combat burn out by slowing down and protecting your overall health.

Burnout affects the body as a whole. You’re mental, emotionally and physically exhausted and you experience physical signs and symptoms. It is bad for you and it is bad for your work.

You need to pause, slow down things a bit, and pay attention to your overall wellness by having a health packed diet, enough rest, and exercise.

Taking a break from work doesn’t mean wasting your time. You need to give your body enough time to recharge and re-energize so that you can focus more on your work and be more productive.