How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face

How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Do They Really Work

How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face | Did you know that the average American paid $127 for their eyeglass frames and 218 million Americans wear nonprescription sunglasses? If you are going to spending that much on a pair of sunglasses, then you better be buying something that suits your face shape and makes you look good, bringing out your best facial features!

That’s why we have created this guide below, so you can figure out exactly what your face shape is and what types of sunglasses would suit different face shapes best.

The Four Different Types of Face Shapes

Did you know that almost everyone’s face can be categorized into four different face shapes? That’s astounding, especially considering how many billions of different faces there are on this planet.

Here’s how you find out your face shape.

Firstly, pull your hair back, so you can see the full outline of your face.

Then, identify the widest part of your face. Is it your cheekbones, or your jaw, or perhaps your forehead? Also, look at the shape of your jaw – is it angular, sharp, or round? And what is the length of your face – long or short?

With all these data points at hand, you are ready to figure out your exact face shape. Knowing your face shape might not be as important as knowing your blood type, but it’s crucial if you wish to pick out the best sunglasses for your face.

Round Face – the widest point is at the cheekbones and narrows at the jawline and forehead

Square Face – the jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are even in width with a sharp jawline

Oval Face – the face is longer than it is wide

Heart Face – the widest point is the forehead and it gets progressively narrower towards the jaw (like a heart)

As you can see there is a wide variation in the different face shapes. Looking at the information laid out above, you should have a pretty good idea of what your face shape is.

If you are still confused, consider tracing the outline of your face on a mirror with lipstick or a dry erase marker. That should give you a clear indication of what your face shape is.

The Best Eyeglass Frames for Each Face Shape

Now that you know exactly what your face shape is, let’s see what kind of sunglasses suit each face shape. The great thing about knowing your exact face shape is that you can never go wrong in choosing the right eyeglass frames for you.

Even though there are hundreds of different types of sunglasses out there, they come in four basic shapes. This should make your next sunglasses shopping jaunt a lot easier!

Round Face

With a round face, you will want to go for square/rectangular frames and avoid soft lines or round frames. A square frame will add contour to your face and definition, whereas a round frame will make your face look even rounder.

Angular lines and edges like in a square or rectangular frame balance out the roundness of your face. Look for sunglasses with thin frames as well, which will help with creating more definition (hello, cheekbones!) for your round face shape. Sharp edges and four corners will become your new BFF here.

Square Face

Just like round frames don’t work for round faces, square/rectangular frames do not work for square faces. Quite the opposite. You don’t want to accentuate the angularity of your face, but soften it up a bit. That’s why round/rimless frames go best with this face shape. Rounded corners and soft angles will balance out your sharp jawline and forehead.

Oval Face

To balance out the length of an oval face shape, oversized round frames are best. It gives the illusion of more width from cheekbone to cheekbone.

Heart Face

Even though everyone in the world is in love with aviator sunglasses especially after they were worn by Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business, these sunglasses suit the oval face shape best. In fact, aviator/cat eyes sunglasses are both best suited to the oval face shape.

Even though the other face shapes should wear contradicting eyeglass frames, an oval face shape should wear sunglasses that mimic their face shape. If you have smaller features, then wear smaller and thinner frames. If you have more dramatic features, then you can go for thicker, larger, and bolder frames.

New Innovations in Modern Eyeglass Frames

The eyeglass industry is booming, as more and more Americans realize how important it is to protect their eyes from the harsh sun. This is why innovations are always happening and you should try and take advantage of them.

One such innovation is the screwless eyeglasses! How many times have you thrown your sunglasses out because you lost the screws that hold the frame and earpieces together? That’s why these eyeglasses that use spring hinges instead of barrel bolts to flex at the temple are so awesome.

More than that, these eyeglasses are snugger and have a better fit.

Go Get Your Perfect Sunglasses Today

You are now ready to go sunglasses shopping. With your face shape in mind and the best eyeglass frames for your particular face shape, you can be prepared to tell the salesperson exactly which sunglasses you wish to try out.

No need to worry about purchasing sunglasses that look great in the store, but end up looking blah when you get home. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Here’s to the best days in the sunshine ahead for you with the right eye protection in place!

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