How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad

How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad

How to Choose the Best Mouse Pad | Mouse pads used to be fairly standardized objects, but with the evolution of mouse and computer technology, there are now several factors to consider when choosing a new mouse pad. Here are some of the key ones that you should be thinking about when the time comes to replace your mouse pad or buy your first-ever one.

Consider the size of your mouse

If you are short on desk space, you might be tempted to opt for the smallest mousepad you can find in order to maximize your usable work surface. However, keep in mind that if you have a fairly large mouse, a small mousepad will probably result in you constantly moving your mouse off the edge of the mat, which is guaranteed to get annoying very quickly. If you have small hands, you would be better off buying a smaller mouse, which can then be used on a smaller mouse pad; if not, do yourself a favor and invest in a bigger mouse and pad, and perhaps try to find other ways to save desk space. Here is a guide to help you figure out what kind of mouse is best for your hand size.

Consider the surface of the pad

Early computer mice used to work through a tracking ball, which made them fairly unreliable and therefore really hard to use without a mouse pad. Newer mice use optical technology instead, which makes them much more precise. However, optical sensors don’t work well on very reflective surfaces, so you want to make sure that your mouse pad is suitably opaque. A smooth surface is probably going to make it easier for the mouse to glide across the pad, but you still want a little roughness so that the mouse doesn’t slip from under your control (though, thankfully, you can also control the speed and responsiveness of your mouse through your computer’s settings). It is also a good idea that your mouse pad has a non-slip underside, normally rubber so that it doesn’t move around on your desk while you are using the mouse. This tends to be a problem, especially for softer mouse pads made of fabric.

Consider the esthetics

If you are a person who spends long hours at their desk, being surrounded by objects that you actually like the look of is going to make a massive difference to your mood. When you are choosing a mouse pad, consider whether you want to go for one with some cool art on it, rather than a plain black one or a branded one. If you are a gamer, you might like to buy gaming gear that enhances your gaming experience, in which case you could use these Cybeart discount codes to get yourself a mouse pad featuring art from your favorite game. The edges of these mouse pads light up, too!

Consider the health of your hand and wrist

If you suffer from pain or numbness in the hand you use your mouse with, consider buying a mouse pad that leaves you enough space to use an ergonomic wrist rest. You can also buy ergonomic mice and keyboards for maximum comfort.