How to Boost Your Marketing Team in 2022

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How to Boost Your Marketing Team in 2022 | Marketing is a huge part of a modern business. It’s what helps you expand your readership and reach so that you have a larger pool of potential customers to show off your products to. But it’s also a way of managing customer relationships – taking existing customers on a journey and building a reputation with new ones. This short guide will look at how to boost your marketing team so that it can achieve its objectives with more confidence in the coming year.

Use Software

There is absolutely no reason why marketing teams should not be leveraging the excellent technology on offer to help them organize their work. Not only are these systems easy to use, combining the best CRM systems with smart tracking and data presentation, but they’re accessible for even the smallest company. When you’re looking out for software for your marketing team, be sure to compare some of the leading products. You’ll likely find that some are geared up for businesses like yours, while others are set up for different types of businesses. 

Making Plans

The world of the marketeer is one in which long-term plans come to fruition across the year. This is especially true when you consider just how long it takes to curate a customer journey and watch how a customer interacts across your value chain. So, if you’re constantly making plans, are you using smart templates for those plans? Check out for inspiration on what your marketing plans should be looking like – helping you and your team organize your workload in a smart and responsive manner. Once you’re used to using a simple template, your whole team will be able to build further actions and plans around that. 


All marketing teams are only as strong as the personnel employed within them. In the case of your marketing team, it’s worth considering whether you can afford to bring in some individuals with more experience. Hiring is a long process, and it can sometimes mean losing a popular but inexperienced member of staff – but you’re not going to make great strides if you’re not ruthlessly realistic about your prospects and profits to date. If you’re happy to hire, make sure you’re tapping up some of the leading creative industry pages in your area – they’re often where you’ll find brilliant marketing professionals. 


If you can’t afford to hire a new member of staff or two, and you’re still interested in bringing in new skills to your marketing team, you could certainly do worse than outsourcing to a firm that you can trust with your marketing projects and plans. Such firms can be found online and are always happy to have a brief chat with you over the phone to give you an idea of what they’d be able to offer your campaign that you’re not able to generate in-house. 

These tips are for those marketing teams looking to push on and develop in 2022, making the most of the opportunities of the new year. Be sure to make the most of them today.