How To Boost Your Dog’s Mood (And Yours)

How To Boost Your Dog’s Mood

How To Boost Your Dog’s Mood (And Yours) | Just like their human parents, dogs can become emotional, bored, and depressed.  Certain breeds are more sensitive than others, but most dogs will emulate the emotions of the people around them. 

There are several reasons why your pooch might be feeling down in the dumps, so how can you boost them back to being your happy, healthy, and fun-loving, furry friend? 

Why is my dog sad?

Dogs are social and emotional creatures. They need lots of engagement and activity to keep them happy. But even with all the love and attention in the world, our pooches can still get days where they feel under the weather. 

However, if you’re really not sure why your dog might be feeling lower than usual, here are a few possible reasons: 

Changes in the home 

If you’ve introduced a new pet or family member (adult or baby), this could be causing your pooch a little anxiety. Similarly, if someone moves out, this can also create uncertainty and confusion. During the pandemic, your dog will likely have enjoyed having everyone around all day, but when the house goes back to being empty during the day as people return to work, your dog may feel start to feel a little lonely. 

Lack of activity

We’ve all been at home during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean our pets have had more attention. If you’ve been working around the clock at the dining room table, your dog may be feeling under-stimulated. When dogs don’t get enough exercise or aren’t mentally stimulated, they can quickly become depressed. It’s important to provide your pooch with plenty of toys and activities to keep them healthy and happy. 

Other factors like your stress or a change in routine can also significantly impact your dog’s mood. 

If you can’t think of anything that’s recently changed in the house and can’t seem to cheer your furry friend up, you should book an appointment at for a quick health check; just to make sure there’s nothing else going on that could be causing your dog discomfort. 

How can I cheer my dog up?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get rid of the doggie downers. 


Just like us humans, pooches love a good pamper. Try to introduce some one-on-one time for brushing, massaging, and snuggling with your dog. This quality time can quickly help your dog feel much better. Keeping them clean, free of matted hair, and trimmed nails will also boost their mood. 

Teach them tricks

The best mental enrichment for your dog is teaching them new tricks. Teaching them to crawl, weave, high five, or even put their toys away (a helpful trick for you, too!) will keep them excitable and engaged. Don’t forget to reward them for their hard work, too!


Why take the easy route on your next walk? Parkour is great for anyone who wants to stay active, while also helping their competitive canine. In parkour, the world is your obstacle course so get your dog jumping on picnic benches, running along logs and anything else that’s available. There’s even a dog pakour association!