How to become Brilliantly Stupid?


MJ Gonzales │

At times, there are ideas running on our minds that entertain and make us feel happy, but then we just brush them off.  Why? Probably those ideas sound crazy to believe they’re possible to happen. But according to motivational book “The Power of Starting Something Stupid,” things become just weird out of personal limitations. Do you agree?

Richie Norton, the book author shared that what actually stops people to actualize their goals is the prisons they have created out of fear, pride, and procrastination.   He suggested that to be able get out of this shell is first, become authentic.   The second step to start something stupid for Norton is simply just START or Serve, Thank, Ask, Receive, and Trust. Meanwhile, his last suggestion has something to do in risking.

“Get experimental, take your big picture dreams, scale them down to small manageable projects, actually call them projects and test them out,  Norton explained on his Youtube video. “ If they work, move forward and if they don’t, move on.”

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

If you think that profitable products should be ergonomic or created by geniuses such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates only, well not all best sellers are like that.  The iconic in this type was the “Pet Rock” that became a craze in early 70s.   Though rock is non-living thing, California advertising executive Gary Dahl convinced people to purchase and made million by selling rock in a cage-like box.  Each package includes instruction material in how to train the rock as if it’s a pet.

In recent time, the “Million Dollar Homepage” idea of Alex Tew in 2005 considered brilliant.   As a student in University of Nottingham, Tew wanted to find money to continue his education. He then created a website where people could buy a pixel, out of his 1000x 1000 pixel grid system, for $1 only.  The catch for this was, the buyer could put link and tiny image on the pixel they bought.

There are more products that look dumb, but people actually buying them because of their unique feel and weirdness. On the other hand, some business concepts are not that brilliant, but too odds that make them stand out from the others.  Successful people think it’s more stupid if you don’t try your crazy ideas.