How to Become a Great Boss Part 2

6 Tips on How to Become a Woman CEO

Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

A great boss gives feedback

A great boss realizes the need to constantly give feedback to his subordinates. Subordinates want to know how they are doing and which areas they need to improve on.

A great boss is relentless

Getting things done and meeting targets are a must for great bosses. He makes sure that he guides his team towards the right direction to make sure that they get things done.

A great boss is humble

He hires people who are better than him, rather than getting someone that he can simply bark orders to. This ensures that things are done the best possible way.

A great boss inspires

What makes a boss great is his ability to inspire and motivate his people to do their best. A highly motivated team produces great results. While managing people is easy, to inspire them takes a lot of skill.

A great boss never forgets to give credit where credit is due

A great boss knows when to give the employee a pat on the back for doing a great job. He never forgets to praise them. An employee who gets praise, becomes motivated and knows that what they are doing are being noticed by the boss.

A great boss is a communicator

A great boss clearly points out things to be understood and at the same time has great listening skills to better understand. When goals are clearly communicated to employees, expect that things are going to be done the right way. He encourages questions, when some directions are unclear to his subordinates.

A great boss encourages feedback

A great boss empowers his subordinates to think for themselves. He encourages innovation, and welcomes suggestions from his subordinates. Employees are elated whenever their ideas are valued.  When this happens, people know that they are making a difference.