How to Be a Better Salesman: 5 Simple Tips

Keeping Your Business Running in a Post-Covid World: 5 Tips How to Be a Better Salesman | How to Be a Better Salesman: 5 Simple Tips | Sales is a cutthroat career. The turnover rate is approximately 34%. On average only 67% of reps are making quota. But we all know that one guy or girl who is killing it in their sales career. Always dominating their quota, maxing out their commissions, and earning great money. Luckily a lot of sales success comes down to skills and processes you can learn and develop. Here are five sales tips and tricks for how to be a better salesman.

  1. Figure Out and Stick to Your Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is the type of buyer that you connect with best. If you want to know how to get more sales, spend some time thinking about the similarities of the people who are your easiest sales. What are they like? What did you do that worked best with them?

Defining this persona and sticking to it is essential to efficiently generate sales. A good rep researches their prospects and makes sure they are a good fit. They know exactly who they are selling to and why.

  1. Use a Process That Is Measurable And Repeatable

If you want to know how to be a better salesman, you need to find a process. The best reps use a refined, measurable, and repeatable process that moves as many prospects from connecting to close.

They know the state of every prospect in their pipeline. What actions to take next and how to move buyers effectively towards a close. They track and analyze their results to understand how and why some sales didn’t close and others did. And use this information to get better.

  1. Know Your Product

No amount of sales ability can help you if you do not know what you are selling. Consumers have so much access to information today that they are far less likely to be fooled by old-school selling charm and tricks.

To be an effective salesman today you have to gain their trust and add value to their lives. You have to know exactly how your product is going to make your customer’s lives better.

  1. Be an Active Listener

The best salesmen are 100% present when they engage with prospects. They seek to have meaningful conversations with buyers. They want to know their problems so they can solve them with direct sales.

This active listening, and the ability to understand their prospect gives them a huge advantage.

Developing the skill of active listening is hard. We naturally care more about what we have to say than what others have to say. But when you master active listening you will unlock invaluable information that lets you position your product exactly as you need to to make the sale.

  1. Personalize Your Message

Yes, you want to have a process that you can use again and again until it stops working. But part of that process should include adaptability. And one of the most important elements you can adopt is to personalize your messaging.

Rather than following a script and approaching each prospect with the same message, find out as much as you can about your buyer and tailor your message to them. Understand the unique situation of your prospect and how you can solve their issues with your product.

How to Be a Better Salesman

Anyone can learn how to be a better salesman. It won’t be easy, but if you put in the work you can achieve the sales career of your dreams. Now that you are following our guide you can begin to develop the essential skills. Follow our blog for more posts like this.