How to Avoid the Common Causes of Car Accidents

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ExecutiveChronicles | How to Avoid the Common Causes of Car Accidents | Car accidents are some of the most common causes of death worldwide. Some people assume that car crashes only happen because of reckless drivers. However, common causes of accidents include speeding, alcohol use, driving aggressively, driving when tired, tailgating, etc. Understanding how to avoid the common causes of car accidents is important.

Approximately 298,034 people live in St. Louis. In 2021, in St. Louis, approximately 14,000 people were injured, and 178 people were killed in vehicle accidents. 

A team of attorneys specializing in car accidents, such as the attorneys at, is highly recommended for individuals hurt in a vehicle accident. Not just any attorney is appropriate for this kind of case. Attorneys experienced with working with injured people and who have experience with vehicle accidents are the kind of lawyers, people injured in car accidents should seek. 

Of course, you want to do what’s necessary to avoid getting injured in a car accident in the first place. Here are tips to prevent three of the most common causes of car accidents:

Don’t Drink and Drive

Most of us know not to drink and drive, but unfortunately, people still do it. Between 2003 and 2012 in Missouri, approximately 3,314 people died in crashes due to drunk drivers. 

Drinking alcohol impairs your reflexes and limits your ability to think wisely. Many people assume that drinking makes them more socially confident. However, it makes them less able to handle difficult situations. Even a single drink can impair your judgment, leading to poor driving choices. Drivers must always have a sober driver. Doing so will ensure no one drives when intoxicated and causes an accident.

Avoid Driving Aggressively

Many drivers tend to drive aggressively when they’re angry. They’re mad and want to get out of their frustrations. So they speed or change lanes rapidly — which can cause an accident. People who drive angrily are more likely to cause accidents than those who stay calm. 

You should always avoid driving aggressively to ensure you don’t get into an accident. If you feel yourself getting angry, take some deep breaths. If possible, pull over, take a break, and calm down before getting back behind the wheel. 

Don’t Drive When You’re Tired

Driving for long periods is tiring and monotonous for most people. This is especially true in areas with little traffic or growth; these places provide little stimulation for the driver’s mind and body. If you fall asleep at the wheel, you could cause a serious accident. 

You should stop driving on long journeys every few hours even if you don’t feel tired yet to help prevent falling asleep at the wheel. If you start feeling sleepy while driving, pull over into a safe spot where you won’t injure anyone if you doze off and wake up again immediately afterward.

By avoiding dangerous behaviors like these, anyone can have a safe life on the roadways and not need to hire a lawyer specializing in vehicle accidents. Failure to prevent risky behaviors on the road may result in severe consequences, such as injury or death, easily avoided with proper forethought and consideration. 

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