How not to take things personally?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Sensitivity makes people aware of environment. It’s one of the factors why it’s easy to interact, express sincerity, understand differences, and relate to others’ feelings. On the other side, too much of it or hypersensitivity also cause stresses and disempowerment. Here are ways to not take things personally for your career and well-being:

Recognize what’s constructive criticisms. Criticism is not always meant to hurt emotions and should never be. If you learn to accept it sensibly, finding logic even in crucial situations and complicated persons are not hard. In the end, what you only reap are good results.

Help yourself to understand through clarification and verification. Sometimes the unknown makes you wonder and assume. The problem with an assumption is it’s mostly based on what you understand and feel, not the truth.  To help you to process and stop self-inflicted misery, ask for clarification.  As much as possible, be open-minded than critical to get the important points.

You are human with strength and weaknesses.  Striving to become better each day is awesome, but achieving perfection is impossible and daunting task.  If you embrace your realities by accepting your strengths, weaknesses, and background; you don’t need to contest who are you compare to others.  Even if some judgmental people ridicule you, to bother with them is just the least you will do.

Understand that their human too.  Each person is raised differently through the years.  If you have strengths, weaknesses, and special feature so are your officemates.  Don’t expect that they behave like you do because you work under the same company. Thus, before you nurture the feelings that they personally attacking you. Try to analyze what they’ve been going through these days or in the past years.

Breathe, have a break.   Sensitivity may internal factors.  Perhaps, it’s not that people who give you bad day[s].  Know what makes you sad, judicious, and delicate in the first place. Are you just guilty of sins or mistakes you did? Are you currently suffering from financial, relationship or health woes? Sometimes people are just reciprocating the ideas and feelings you impose on them.overtime

On the other hand, have a break also from your stressful environment and lifestyle.  It will help you to relax and comeback with clear mindset.