How Much Are the Most Expensive Collectible Beanie Babies Worth?

How Much Are the Most Expensive Collectible Beanie Babies Worth | How Much Are the Most Expensive Collectible Beanie Babies Worth? | Do you still have collectible beanie babies on hand? Beanie babies were one of the most well-known collectibles in the world at this point.

In the late 1990s, their prices started skyrocketing due to limited-edition versions of some of the toys.

But, some of these toys are still worth money. Read on to find out about the most expensive collectible beanie babies.

Peace the Bear

First created in 1997, this beanie baby was only available for purchase for three years. Each bear is slightly different due to its tie dye pattern.

Most of these collectible beanie babies are worth about five thousand dollars, but some misprinted versions (ones that are missing a peace sign, for example) are worth even more. If you’re not sure what your beanie baby is worth, you can use a beanie baby value lookup site to figure it out.

Peanut the Elephant

Peanut the Elephant comes in a few different colors. Depending on what color you find, this toy may be worth up to seven thousand dollars. The accidentally dyed dark blue version is worth the most. Other colors these TY beanie babies come in include purple, grey, and light blue.

Halo the Bear

This special edition bear produced in 1998 is worth more when you find a version with misprinted tags, different noses, or different eyes. These rare beanie babies can be worth up to $7,500, but bears have gone for as much as twelve thousand dollars!

Humphrey the Camel

One of the original beanie babies that was released, Humphrey the Camel was first produced in 1993. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most commonly counterfeited types of beanie babies. But, if you can find the real thing with a lighter shade of brown and no beans in its legs, it can be worth about 1200 dollars.

Princess the Bear

Created in honor of Princess Diana after her tragic death, Princess the Bear remains a highly coveted type of beanie baby. This purple bear has a white flower emblazoned on its chest.

However, if you have one of these bears, you may be making bank. These bears have been listed for as much as half a million dollars, so if your bear is legitimate you may be well on your way to life-changing money.

Claude the Crab

While the normal version of this crab, first released in 1997, isn’t valuable, other variations are. If you find a version with a noticeably different tag or different colors, your crab could be worth as much as nine thousand dollars.

Gobbles the Turkey

Some beanie babies, like Gobbles the turkey, were produced in different designs. That’s part of what makes them so valuable. Different versions of these collectable beanie babies with different waddles or feathers can go for as much as seven thousand dollars.

Sell Your Collectible Beanie Babies Today

Hopefully, now you know if you have one of the most expensive collectible beanie babies, so you can decide if it’s worth selling it.

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