How Is The Funeral Industry Coping With The COVID-19 Pandemic?

How Is The Funeral Industry Coping With The COVID-19 Pandemic? | The current pandemic has changed many facets of society in the past few months. Much of the social and economic climate we are currently experiencing has been influenced by the uptick of COVID-19 cases. But although much of society has changed to better adapt to the “new normal,” life still goes on, especially for essential workers and front-liners who have to work day in and day out to save off the pandemic’s effects.

Although many countries, such as Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia, have been handling much of the pandemic well throughout the first few months of the outbreak, countries like the Philippines and the USA aren’t so lucky when pushing back against the ever-increasing case of the virus. Together with the increasing number of cases is the rising number of deaths related to the virulent disease.

The Effects Of COVID-19 On The Funeral Industry

Much of how COVID-19 ravages the body is still shrouded in mystery. Even after almost a year of research on the effects of COVID-19, there’s still much that needs to be known. But based on current data regarding the rate of mortality of this virulent agent, around a hundred infected individuals will usually expire, such that many innovations in the industry such as custom urns have come to fore. In most cases, those that are immuno-compromised or old will usually experience more severe symptoms, often leading to death. Conversely, the accelerating rate of infection in many different countries are also factors that need to be taken into account that could affect the rate of mortality.

It’s still important to remember that even though the mortality rate of this pathogen is only a small fraction of the current cases, many individuals are still getting infected as days pass. That said, it’s hard to determine the actual mortality rate of the virus.

Economically, many industries around the world have been hit hard by the pandemic. However, many businesses haveprofited from the pandemic, especially when the demand for these services has skyrocketed. Services like the telecommunications industry and other remote industries have also been benefiting. The funeral industry has seen a spike in activity, especially when the cases of deaths have gone up.

Still, many businesses, especially those that are also catering to other businesses have been affected by these services. Although the funeral industry has seen an increase in demand, there have been safety precautions being put into place when it comes to most deaths that are related to airborne diseases or complications with the respiratory system. Instead of having “proper” funerals, most families have to resort to cremations.

So how does the industry cope with these complications and problems? What does the future of the industry look like? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Procedures With Burials

Still, it’s important to remember that not all types of deaths are related to COVID-19. Since some deaths are natural, “regular” funerals are still within the picture. However, safety precautions and social distancing measures must be kept in place.

Although cremation is the “standard” in this day and age, the bodies of victims will still need to be kept in a cool and safe place before the cremation process starts. Since most hospitals, crematoriums, and funeral homes have resources that are stretched thin from an influx of cases, most will have to do with cost-effective equipment. Fortunately, there are cadaver bags that are lightweight and cost-effective while still being designed for heavy-duty use. Not only will this help alleviate logistics and operational costs for these businesses, but it will ensure that clients and customers are satisfied.

Personal Protective Equipment

Many employees working in funeral homes have to wear personal protective gear to keep themselves sanitized and clean when handling corpses and carcasses. The overall general opinion on COVID-19 during the first few months of the pandemic has created fear of the virus that’s so intense that many crematoriums during the early days of thebreakout kept backing out in light of the first COVID-19 related death in the Philippines.

But with recent breakthroughs in treating patients with the virus, much of the industry is now more confident in handling funerals. Still, PPEs should still be worn at all times.

Much of the funeral homes in countries like the Philippines have been facing increasing demand in the last few months. But the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a cascade of economic problems in different industries, which has lead to even stricter burial protocols. As each day passes, the number of cases and deaths keep racking up. Hopefully, volunteers and essential workers are able to help the industry in times of need.;