How Do You Plan a Wedding? 5 Key Considerations

How to Plan a Wedding: a Step-by-Step Guide How Do You Plan a Wedding? 5 Key Considerations married-woman
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How Do You Plan a Wedding? 5 Key Considerations | Want to plan your remarkable wedding between you and your partner? However, how do you plan a wedding? If it’s your first time planning a wedding, you’re in the right place.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to event planning, but there are a few things you need to consider to reduce possible mistakes. Read on to learn five considerations when planning a wedding.

  1. Have a Fixed Wedding Budget

The budget helps you finalize which venue, caterer, decorations, and other factors to pick. It also ensures that you don’t blow off your entire savings for the wedding.

Here’s a simple format for allocating your wedding budget:

  • Catering and venue: 40%
  • Videography and photography: 15%
  • Flowers: 10%
  • Entertainment and music: 10%
  • Decoration: 10%
  • Wedding attire and makeup: 5%
  • Transportation: 3%
  • Stationary: 3%
  • Cake, favors, and gifts: 2%

For a small wedding, you could spend around $8,550 while extravagant weddings can go up to $50,000. With a proper budget, you can save a lot without having to spend on unnecessary or additional costs.

  1. Find a Theme

Amongst the most amusing elements of event planning stepwise is finding a good theme. Start by imagining how you want your wedding to feel and look.

Are you going for a traditional and formal ambiance? Or are you going for a wedding custom that’s more laid-back and rustic?

The decision is yours, but it’s a great plan to begin scanning the newest wedding trends for colors, decors, round table overlay sizing and more. We encourage starting this beforehand to speed up the process once you’ve chosen a venue and date.

  1. Write Down Your List of Guests

It’s essential to come up with a total number of guests at the start of the process. You need to plan how where to have online invitation printing, how much food you’ll have, how many tables, and so on to ensure your guests will have a great time. Thus, before you begin perusing wedding venues, take a look at how many guests you’ll entertain.

  1. Nail Down the Wedding Dates

It’s best to pick possible dates first before you begin searching for wedding venues. Consider the season when you would like to marry—if a weekend wedding is more expensive or weekdays which is less in demand. Afterward, check the calendar, take note of job schedules and family conflicts, then reduce down to a few favorite dates.

  1. Pick the Appropriate Wedding Venue

Finding the best wedding venue that matches your overall wedding theme is a great way to show your guests the mood of the wedding. The venue sets the tone of your wedding, keeping you and your guests comfortable with the environment.

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How Do You Plan a Wedding? Take Note of These Considerations

Your wedding should be the most remarkable party for you and your guests. Planning a wedding might be overwhelming, but it can be easier with proper event planning and following some steps. Whether you need a small, simple wedding or a huge, extravagant event, the steps are alike.

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