How couponing strategy helps you?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

What Lady Gaga, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Carrie Underwood, and Hilary Swank have in common? It’s not only the beauty, fame, and fortune; but their use of coupons when they shop.  Indeed, even the A-list stars are frugalista or frugal fashionable women. Do you want to follow their lead by learning the couponing strategy?

According to, couponing is “the activity of seeking out or saving discounts to save money or household purchases.”

The term and practice of couponing is not popular in the Philippines compare to US, where many stores, manufactures, online and print media companies offer coupons for shoppers. In defense to local enterprises, many of them do offer coupons not only for their loyal customers. In fact, their “discount coupons” come in different forms or terms such as gift certificates, membership cards, inserts, premium pass, vouchers that you avail from group buying or deal sites, and VIP privilege programs. What make couponing strategy less popular among Filipinos would be because of bargain sales in malls and places like Divisoria.  Another reason is some shoppers are shy to present their coupons when they shop.

There are key points to remember how this money-saving activity works for you. Overdoing and mishandling your couponing strategy may also ruin your budget like credit cards.

  • buying-15810_640Since couponing in the country is different and unpopular, familiarize yourself with companies that offer promos and privileges. The vital steps are research and assess which one you like.
  • File coupons that you gather in one place and take note of validity dates and conditions.
  • If you have discounted voucher of a product that you don’t like or use, better give the voucher to someone else. Don’t purchase something for the sake of getting it for a cheaper price.
  • On the other hand, you can use your coupons to stock items that are essentials or you regularly use.
  • Be aware of fake coupons and deals.
  • Check which establishments that offer better promos and quality product or services.