How Can Nutrigenomics Testing Benefits my Overall Health?

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How Can Nutrigenomics Testing Benefits my Overall Health? Have you heard about nutrigenomics testing? Well, you probably should if you want to maximize your health potential.

But what is nutrigenomics testing all about and how exactly does it contribute to improving your overall health? Well, this article is all about answering these questions and more.

So, if you want to start hitting some exceptional health goals, read on!

What Is Nutrigenomics Testing?

Do your genes determine your health? Yes!

This is something that we have only come to know something about in the last decade or so. Of course, we always knew that our bodies are all made differently and that this had an effect on our health.

But what we are finally coming to understand is exactly how certain genes interact with our nutritional intake. Best of all, we now have genetic testing techniques to identify specific genes in individuals.

Once we complete these tests, we can move on to what is called genetic nutritional counseling

But what is genetic nutritional counseling?

Well, genetic nutritional counseling is all about using the data from your genetic testing to inform you about how eating certain things can impact your health. This goes a whole lot further than traditional nutrition counseling.

The genetic nutritional counselor vs. nutritionist basically comes down to the use of individual data. Whereas a nutritionist may give you general information about what is healthy to eat, a genetic nutritional counselor can teach you more about what is healthy for you to eat.

So, it’s about nutrition vs genetic nutrition.

Benefits of Nutrigenomics Testing

Since our bodies have quite a complex relationship with the food we eat, the benefits of nutrigenomics testing are quite broad. Here is a quick rundown of some of the holistic health benefits of this type of treatment:

  • Reduced inflammation (some foods like tomatoes can cause some people to have increased levels of bodily inflammation)
  • Food allergy knowledge (we can now test a whole range of foods against your specific genomes)
  • Metabolism rates (different genes allow people to metabolize certain foods at different rates, which has an impact on weight)

In practical terms, though, nutrigenomics testing can lead you to feel just much better in your day-to-day health. It can help you feel more energetic, improve your immune system, and also get better sleep.

So, the old expression ‘you are what you eat’ takes on a whole new meaning with nutrigenomics testing!

Aim for Holistic Health, Not Just Fads

Now you’ve got a good idea of nutrigenomics testing and what it’s useful for. But it’s important to remember, as a piece of parting advice, that you need to think about your health as a very large picture. One little genetic test will not give you a golden ticket to perfect health.

You need to focus on doing all of the little things right, like exercising, socializing, and sleeping well. When you do these things and you then choose your diet based on your genetics, the results will be big!

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