How a girl landed a job because of a wine bottle

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Budapest-based Bernadett Baji managed to land a job with Hungarian wine distributor Bortársaság after her friend suggested she turn her CV into a wine label.

As reported by The Dieline, designer Miklos Kiss advised Baji to think outside of the box and include the main points of her CV on a bespoke wine label.

Kiss designed the label, which features an elegant black and white “B&B” logo on the front after Baji’s initials. Her full name and birth year are printed underneath it where the vintage of a wine would usually appear.

On the back of the label, Baji’s resume is neatly laid out, with her phone number and email address highlighted in bold, while a tag with the “B&B” logo hangs around the neck of the bottle.

Kiss hoped that the CV label would help his friend stand out from the crowd in a competitive market by demonstrating initiative and creativity.

His quirky idea worked – recruiters at Bortársaság liked the innovative approach so much that they offered Baji the job in the marketing department.

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