Home Security Alarm Systems Compared

Security Of Your Office Home Security Alarm Systems

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Getting a home security alarm system for your home is very important for your peace of mind. Insecurity is on the rise, with many incidents of burglary and break-ins being report every other day. You don’t want to bank on your luck this time.

Knowing that your home and your loved ones are secured will give you confidence and peace when you sleep at night, and any time you are away from home. There are plenty of alarm system options in the market to explore. 

Let’s look at some of the home security systems that can be right for your home’s needs:

Local Alarm Systems

Local alarm systems are simple and unmonitored systems. They come with sensors that can be placed on your windows and doors. The sensors have two parts that are detached, meaning they are not linked to a control panel. 

This system comes with motion detectors. The sensor sounds the alarm when the circuit is broken due to burglary.

Pros and Cons of the Local Alarm System

Local alarm systems are budget-friendly and can easily be bought from any department store and online vendors.

You can install them easily by placing the batteries all over the doors and windows as directed on the manual.

Local alarm systems do not really offer much as security because they don’t have monitoring systems, and anyone can disable them.

They can only be used as a temporary option if you are on a budget.

Wired Alarm Systems

The wired alarm system is the most commonly used and comes with a control panel, motion detectors, and wired sensors. It also has wired cameras.

When the system is tripped, the alarm will sound, and if the system is monitored, the monitoring agency will notify both the homeowner and emergency services.

Advantages and Flaws of the Wired Alarm System 

Wired alarm systems are an upgraded version and also not expensive. They are already wired and without detached batteries.

However, the wired alarm system has a long and complicated installation process. The home requires a lot of drilling of the walls, wiring set up around the compound and other procedures that need professional attention.

It’s even more challenging to undo the wiring when you are moving out. It will take you a long time to take the wires off even with the help of a professional. And then you will have to repeat the setup process in your new home.

The Wireless Alarm System

The wireless alarm system works typically the same way as the wired system. The difference between the two is that the wireless system operates without the wires.

The alarm is triggered when the motion or sensor goes off, and if it’s under a monitoring system, the authorities will be notified.

The details of the wireless alarm system vary with each monitoring system provider and the type of system installed. You can also get cameras installed with this system.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Wireless Alarm System

The wireless alarm system is portable and easy to carry along when moving out and easy to install in a new place. They are becoming a popular option for alarm security systems around the world. They are DIY systems which can be operated by an amateur.

But all the same, you still have to use the services of a professional to set it up for you and make sure every component is functioning properly.

Wireless alarms work on batteries which need replacement from time to time. The best thing is that the batteries are of high quality, so replacement takes place after a few years of use.

Please note that this system is the most expensive of the other systems.

Choosing the Best Security Alarm System for Your Home or Apartment

Out of the three alarm system options above, the wireless security alarm system is effective and convenient. That is unless your home is already wired and you opt to use the wired system.

The wireless alarm system is ideal for both rented and personal homes. 

You can also use the wireless alarm system in your apartment. Since they are easy to install, wireless alarm systems can be set up easily in an apartment without the need to drill walls and perform a lot of wiring.


There are plenty of local, international, and virtual manufacturers and suppliers of home security systems. Choosing the best system requires a lot of research and comparisons to find one with innovative features that will provide more security for your home. You want to have the best wireless security system from a reputable firm with excellent customer support and warranty offers.

Choose wisely, especially when finding a long term partner who will always be monitoring your alarm system. Some suppliers have feature-rich security alarm systems that include video monitoring, panic buttons, carbon monoxide protection, and much more.