Home Office Alternatives – 5 Options To Try If Working From Home Isn’t Working For You

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | Home Office Alternatives – 5 Options To Try If Working From Home Isn’t Working For You | Being a remote employee is not a new phenomenon, but in 2020, millions of people found themselves working entirely from home for the first time in their careers. While some have taken a shining to remote work, others have learned that they don’t manage so well without the camaraderie of the office. If you have found working from home is not ideal for you, here are five alternatives you can try out instead: 

1. Shared Office Spaces

Co-working environments like shared office spaces have been rising in popularity for years. This new trend has grown in tandem with the increase of remote work and freelancers embracing the gig economy. A shared office membership provides you with your own workspace and access to a range of office facilities like meeting rooms, break rooms, gyms, and more. It costs significantly less than leasing your own office and allows you the flexibility to tailor-make a package with the services you need. If you’re an extrovert, a collaborative worker, or simply prefer working in a busy environment, co-working is definitely worth your consideration. 

2. Rent A Private Office 

If working from your home location isn’t doing it for you but you prefer the privacy of having your own office, then you can opt for a membership similar to the above but with a private office included in the package. Serviced private offices are great for those who value working from settings that are more traditionally corporate but who’d also prefer the flexibility of a monthly membership. So, if you wish to relocate eventually or try out a shared space, you easily can without worrying about breaking a long-term lease. 

3. Hire Library Space

Library pandemic policies at the moment vary depending on your location. If libraries are open for visits in your area then this is a great space to work from at no extra cost to you! Your local library has all the makings of a cozy office – wi-fi, desks, a quiet policy, refreshments, and on top of it all, access to many books and online resources. All of this comes for free as library memberships often cost nothing. You can either try your luck at finding a seat during your workday or ask your local library about their booking policies for workspaces. 

4. Coffee Shops 

Again, there may be restrictions or time-limits imposed on this option depending on where you live. Coffee shops are a magnet for location-independent workers. The promise of cozy ambiance and caffeinated beverages has drawn in writers, artists, and thinkers for centuries. Nowadays, the inclusion of wifi makes it a valid workspace for any remote profession. Just make sure to tip generously and purchase more than just a single drink if you stay for a while. 

5. Bring Your Hotspot To A Local Park

This is not for you if your set-up includes a lot of technology or fragile items. However, if you’re craving a fresh outlook and all you need is your laptop or mobile device, why not give working outdoors a chance? As long as the weather is decent, you can create an outdoor office that’s comfortable and conducive to productivity. You can claim a park bench and table in the morning (bring your own cleaning cloth). Alternatively, you could lay or sit on a blanket, bring a table from home, or even set one up with crates! 

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that humans are adaptable. So, don’t be afraid to give more than one of these options a go!