Hiring an Executive Assistant in NYC? Here’s what to look for

Hiring an Executive Assistant in NYC? Here’s what to look for What You Can Do To Ace That Interview

ExecutiveChronicles | Hiring an Executive Assistant in NYC? Here’s what to look for | Executives of an organisation need to carry out multiple duties at a time. Moreover, there are so many schedules that need to be maintained. The reality is that so many tasks and responsibilities can’t be handled single-handedly by executives themselves. Henceforth, companies in the USA and other parts of the world invest in hiring executive assistants. Investing in the right executive assistant staffing in New York City can bring efficiency and order to the role and functioning of executives. While hiring one, it is necessary to find the right professional and competent assistant.

Creative Individual

The role of an executive assistant is not just to take orders and cater to them, but much more. It is therefore necessary to pick someone who is creative and has problem-solving potential. The assistants must approach day-to-day tasks in a way that generates better outcomes in less time. The executive assistant must be an individual who can fulfil all the orders and also includes his/her inputs and give a new perspective to things around. Thus, creativity is one of the many traits that must be considered when looking for an executive assistant.

High Professionalism

Being highly professional is yet another trait that must be considered when investing in the right executive assistant staffing in New York City. The executive assistant is someone who will be interacting and communicating with every member of an organisation, either face-to-face or virtually. It won’t be wrong to say that executive assistants, in a way, represent or fill in for an executive of a company at important meetings, and business events. Henceforth, professionalism is one of the vital aspects that can’t be ignored when hiring an executive assistant.

Excellent Communication Skills

Executive assistants need to take business calls, schedule meetings, and other day-to-day routines, handle administrative requests, and also look after business functions. When hiring an individual for such a role, it is necessary to find out whether he/she has excellent communication skills or not. Having good communication skills help assistants to interact effectively with other executives, employees, and clients. This contributes to a good image and a positive reputation for the business.

Time Management and Organisational Skills

Apart from being a creative person, highly professional, and having good communication skills, an executive assistant must also possess good time management skills as well. In the majority of organisations, executive assistants are responsible for monitoring and assessing multiple meetings and schedules for the executives. Moreover, they are also responsible for maintaining the time to work on different clients and complete the projects within the timeline, arrange conferences and business events, and even attend them. Thus, possessing good time management and organisational skills can help assistants be successful in their endeavours.

Tech Savvy

This is yet another trait that a candidate applying for the role of an executive assistant must possess. Since the majority of businesses are conducted online, technology mishap is the last thing that one wants to experience. Executive assistants play a big role in setting up online meetings and conferences, and recording chats, thereby providing information to clients in real-time. Today, executive assistants play an integral role in the successful functioning of client conferences and meetings. Hence, hiring a tech-savvy executive assistant staffing in New York City is vital to the success of a company.

Composed Individual

The potential to remain composed and calm under extreme pressure, and come up with solutions is key to a successful executive assistant. Companies and businesses are bound to encounter multiple obstacles and challenging situations. In such circumstances, an executive assistant is expected to keep his/her head cool and come up with plans that can effectively resolve the situation. In case, the assistants panic in such situations, things can be more troublesome for the executives. Thus, during interviews, potential candidates must be tested for their composure in a challenging environment.


The above-mentioned are some of the important traits that must be considered when investing in executive assistant staffing in New York City. Executive assistants are valuable individuals in the company’s executive team. The assistants are known to bring efficiency and balance to the entire administrative functioning. Because they are considered the backbone of the executive team, the executives must screen the candidates before recruiting.