Here’s What It Means When a Loved One is Hiding Alcohol

Here's What It Means When a Loved One is Hiding Alcohol beer-belly
Having a beer belly may kill you

Here’s What It Means When a Loved One is Hiding Alcohol | According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, almost 15 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with alcohol use disorder.

You might be concerned about a loved one struggling with alcohol abuse if you’ve noticed them hiding alcohol. This guide will explain what that means and what you can do for them. Keep reading to learn more.

What It Means When You’re Loved One Is Hiding Alcohol

If you’ve recently found out your spouse is hiding alcohol, this is a clear sign of addiction. Hiding alcohol can occur in a few different ways.

Your spouse or loved one might insist on taking out the trash to keep you from finding the evidence. They might try to cover up the smell with excessive showering in the day, using a lot of perfume, and mouthwash.

Hiding alcohol and addiction usually includes your loved one lying about how much and how often they’re drinking. They might stop attending social events with you because of their drinking.

Why Your Loved One Might Hide Their Alcohol

When a parent is hiding alcohol it might be for many different reasons. Many parents start hiding their alcohol from you because they’re ashamed to admit they have a problem. They might not want to confront their issues or have others find out about them.

Others might hide their drinking because it goes against their moral beliefs. They want to continue drinking without feeling judged.

Other Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Hidden alcohol is just one of the many signs indicating alcohol abuse. If your loved one has become more talkative than they’ve been before, they might be drinking excessively.

Emotional extremes like fits of anger or crying could be another sign. If you’re loved one becomes unreliable, starts drinking early, and experiences blackouts often, these are clear signs of an addiction to alcohol.

If your partner starts developing a sexual dysfunction this can be a result of excessive drinking as well.

What You Can Do

Once you’ve discovered a loved one is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, it’s best not to confront them harshly with the information. This can push them away from you and from getting the help they need.

Let them know that you’re aware of their issue and want them to get the help they deserve. Speaking with your loved ones without judgment is the best way you can help them.

Find the Right Treatment

While getting help is the responsibility of the person with the addiction, you can help them through the process. Help them research and call different treatment centers so they know you’re on their side.

Only trained professionals are equipped with the right tools to treat alcohol abuse. You can push your loved ones in the right direction, but they have to do the work.

What It Means and What to Do About a Loved One Hiding Alcohol

Hiding alcohol is one of the biggest indicators your loved one is abusing alcohol. They might try to hide their drinking with perfumes and mouthwash, but you can help them by encouraging them to seek treatment.

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