Helpful Tips For Choosing Shapewear

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ExecutiveChronicles | Helpful Tips For Choosing Shapewear | Even though we are about to enter March, it is still relatively early in the year, so do not fret if you are still to align with your 2022 goals. Most people are actually glad we are past 2021 and its previous year hangover, given the pandemic and the lockdown situation and disruption that came with it. We do not know about you, but our team decided to start the year with enthusiasm and optimism. If you are like us, and the pandemic resulted in additional pounds on the scale, do not worry. With just a simple adjustment to your wardrobe, you can begin feeling like yourself again very soon, regardless of what you wear. So, what is this solution? Well, simple- shapewear!

Shapewear for all Occasions

Many people tend to think that shapewear should be left for special occasions. Well, in 2022, we highly encourage you to embrace shapewear in all aspects of your wardrobe. There’s shapewear for little black dresses and sleek ballgowns, but so is there for activities in the gym such as high-waist control briefs and sports bras. This type of shapewear gives you support in addition to a great shape during your exercise sessions.

Wear those shapewear shorts, tankini, or even a corset under your work attire for an instant tailored look. By taking time to explore all the varying best shapewear options, you can be certain to find one that suits each aspect of your wardrobe. 

Avoid the Size Trap

If you are looking to get new shapewear for this year, be careful about the size you pick. It can be particularly easy to fall into the trap of purchasing the same size every time, but the sizes tend to differ depending on the type of garment or the brand. As such, you will want to ascertain you check the measurements on the product and compare them to what you know you are comfortable wearing in order to make sure they are an ideal fit. There are shapewear sizes of thin to hourglass figure to thick.

Also, bear in mind that if your shapewear gets stretched out, it’s time for a replacement.


If this is your first time getting shapewear, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to washing. And even if you’ve used shapewear before, you might want to read this as you might have missed something.

First and foremost, avoid over-washing your shapewear and wear it two to three times before the next wash. It is advisable to hand wash shapewear, regardless of the type, but you can also put it in the washing machine. For the latter, put the shapewear inside a lingerie bag or protector. This allows soap and water to pass through the netted bags, providing adequate room for the garment to move around and agitate the dirt. It also provides a protective layer that stops the shapewear from snagging on anything in the washing machine and sustaining damage.

Use the gentle cycle and wash on a cold cycle to ensure the longevity of your shapewear. Avoid putting it in a tumble dryer and instead lie it flat or hang it to dry. It is also advisable to do this in the shapewear’s natural shape to avoid misshaping or overstretching the garment.

This might sound like a lot, but it will ensure the best use of your shapewear!