Heart Disease: Factors contributing to its rise and how to combat those factors


One of the biggest problems that people face in modern times is that they seem to be too busy to take proper care of their health. It’s important to understand that heart disease is turning into a huge problem all over the world and sedentarism is one of the main reasons why this is becoming such a huge issue.

Today, we are going to go over some of the factors that contribute to the rise of heart disease. We will also discuss how to combat those factors to help Americans regain control of their health.

The shocking statistics of heart disease

Reading this Digital Authority Partners article is not only eye opening, but also extremely unsettling. It mentions how at least one out of every three Americans dies from cardiovascular disease.

The statistics also talk about strokes and heart attacks killing someone all over the world every every 40 seconds. This is truly scary to consider – but as you read this, someone is dying of heart failure.

Another important statistic to consider is that 14% of all healthcare costs in America are attributed to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

These statistics are more than enough to raise an alarm and make people reconsider their lifestyles. We need to raise awareness on the dangers of a sedentary life, and the many serious problems caused by poor dietary habits.

Preventing heart disease is a priority

While medicine has come a long way in helping fight heart disease. It is still very difficult to ensure quality of life once the heart starts to fail. This is the reason why prevention is the priority to help fight this deadly disease.

We are still unaware of the many mysteries of the human heart, but we are slowly learning how to take better care of this essential organ. More than enough studies show the relationship between a bad diet, a sedentary life and heart disease.

Stress and heart disease

One of the biggest problems that people are facing now is stress. There was a time when no one linked stress and anxiety to heart conditions, but it has now been widely documented that they are related.

Stress will raise your blood pressure and the constant release of stress hormones is going to take its toll on your body. Blood clots have also been linked to stress and this is definitely something to take seriously.

Learning to relax is a skill that we all need in modern times. People are stressed all the time and the world around us is extremely hectic. Being aware of our stress levels and keeping them low is going to be crucial for our health.

If you want to learn how to relax, you are going to find yoga classes to be very beneficial. You will learn breathing exercises and you will know how to deal with stress and anxiety.

A good diet goes a long way

While sedentarism plays an important role in heart disease, poor eating habits are even more of a problem. Learn all about the foods that help prevent heart disease and also heal your heart.

Oatmeal, almonds, fruits, vegetables, and fish are all listed as some of the best food choices for people who want to take care of their heart. Getting rid of sugary foods and junk food in general is going to be very beneficial.

No one is saying that you can’t enjoy a treat now and then, but you have to practice moderation when it comes to sweets and foods that have high contents of fat.

Drinking and smoking are also very important factors that contribute to heart disease. Getting rid of those bad habits is going to be very important if you want to keep your heart strong and healthy.

It’s also a good idea to consider the importance of water and to drink as much of it as possible. This is going to help you cleanse and detox your body.

Exercise fights heart disease

Doctors all over the US territory are telling their patients to start exercising more often. The great thing about exercise is that it has been proven to lower heart disease risk. Not only that, but people who suffer from heart disease can reduce the risk of death or nonfatal heart attacks by exercising.

If you have been living a sedentary life, you need to start to ease into exercise once again. You can start by jogging for 20 minutes every morning and then you can work your way up to some exercise programs for optimal results.

How to treat heart disease

The final frontier is heart disease itself and once a person starts to suffer from a heart condition, the need for medical intervention becomes quite clear.

Cardiologist Simon Stertzer has mentioned that he believes regenerative medicine will play a major role in the process of replacing damaged tissue. This is going to help patients suffering from heart disease recover from this condition – to give them a second chance at a healthy life.

It’s important to remember that treating the disease is great, but nothing is more powerful and practical than prevention. The more we learn about proper dieting and exercise, the easier it will be for heart disease percentages to decrease.

Other technologies worth mentioning for heart disease treatment include implantable defibrillators, 3D printed heart tissue, AI algorithms and robotic sleeves. These are all very exciting changes and we are going to benefit greatly once they are implemented in the mainstream. In addition, global japanese manufacturer Omron has announced the launch of the first medical watch geared towards people with high blood pressure which can take blood pressure readings on the go.

Final thoughts

With so many people suffering from heart disease, it’s very important that we start to become aware of the best prevention methods. Millions of lives could be saved by making some lifestyle changes. It’s up to us to start spreading the word and making sure that everyone around us can see those benefits.

It’s very likely that heart disease will be a thing of the past one day, but right now we need to take action and stop the rise of this condition for good.