Happy Hour Alert: Romulo Café Launches Filipino-Style Tapas and Signature Cocktails

Romulo Café

Mitzi Ilagan | FoodFindsAsia.com

Romulo Café recently launched Happy Hour at its Jupiter Makati branch. Sandie Romulo Squillantini, owner of Romulo Café and granddaughter of Carlos P. Romulo, says, “Our goal is to honor my grandparents and to serve real, comfort food.” Thus, the Filipino-Style Tapas and Signature Cocktails were launched.


Romulo Café


Filipino-Style Tapas and Signature Cocktails

Spanish tapas are appetizers that include cheeses, olives, meat, seafood, and bread. But in Romulo Café, tapas are just like “pulutan” for Filipinos. Here, locals and international clientele are about to experience a whole new taste of tapas infused with Filipino cuisine.

Though Romulo Café is named after General Carlos P. Romulo, it also pays homage to his wife, Virginia Llamas Romulo. Her timeless recipes are also the café’s inspirations in creating the Filipino-style tapas.

Romulo Café’s Filipino-style tapas include:

  • Bangus pate with pandesal chips – creamy smoked milkfish topped with hollandaise sauce
  • Cheese & Vigan longganisa dumpling – Vigan longganisa and cheese in a lumpia wrapper
  • Crispy crablets – Tiny crablets fried until golden brown and served with pinakurat vinegar
  • Fish and squid ball – Filipino street food with sweet dipping sauce or vinegar dip
  • Pinoy nachos – Kamote and taro chips drizzled with melting kesong puti, keso de bola, and tomato
  • Camaron rebosado – Deep fried buttered shrimp with chili mayo dip
  • Tinapa roll – Shredded tinapa with red eggs and tomatoes in a lumpia wrapper
  • Crispy squid – Deep-fried crispy squid with a chili-honey-garlic-glaze

The lineup also includes Relleno Empanadita, Chorizo Empanadita, and Pato Tim on a steamed bun.

Romulo Café
Chorizo Empanaditas
Romulo Café
Camaron Rebosado
Romulo Cafe
Lechon Sisig Wraps


On the other hand, Carlos P. Romulo’s life inspired the cocktail creations. The “Old General” (Woodford Reserve & San Germaine served in a flask with a smoke glass), symbolizes him as a diplomat and soldier. “A Foreign Affair” (Don Papa Rum, Apple, Cinnamon, and Lemon) describes him as a minister of Foreign Affairs in the 70s, while dating an American. “Spritzer Pulitzer” (Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato& Campari) implies the 1942 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. “Dirty White Dove” (Stoli Vodka or Martin Miller Gin, Mancino Vermouth Secco and Olives) signifies his liking for white doves and for the Sign of the Dove restaurant in NYC. The lineup also includes Imelda’s High Heels (strawberry puree, lime, and tequila) and Amor De Familia (Don Papa Rum and Agustura Bitters).


Romulo Cafe
Old General, Spritzer Pulitzer


For wine enthusiasts, there’s even a lot more to offer because Romulo Café has partnered with Wine Warehouse Corporation. Featured together with the nostalgic and sumptuous tapas are Candidato Tempranillo and Viura from Spain, and Undurraga U Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Chile. Also featured are Mancino Vermouth Cocktails and Rinomato Aperitivo (from the Wine Country, Italy), and Martin Miller’s Gin (from the UK/Iceland).

Romulo Café’s Happy Hour could be enjoyed starting October 1, 2017, from 5:30-7:30 PM in all of the café’s branches. Its locations are Scout Tuazon in Quezon City, Jupiter Street in Makati, Azumi Hotel in Ayala Alabang, and also in Kensington, London, UK.

For more information, visit www.romulocafe.com.