Guide to Website Hosting for Small Businesses


DJ Cartledge,, Executive Chronicles |  Website hosting tends to be complicated by many companies. In reality, the server which is offered by the host needs to keep your website accessible all the time. The host also needs to protect it from possible security issues. Together with good customer service, these characteristics are at the base of a good hosting company. Even more, it is also worth noting that you can choose different types of hosts but as a small business, your needs tend to be better defined.  Here are some great tips when looking for the best hosting sites for small business 2018.

Good hosting benefits

Small businesses have a lot to gain and even more to lose with some types of hosting. Slow loading time, as well as possible security issues, will keep visitors away from your website. It is rare to consciously acknowledge the quality of a website beyond its graphics as a visitor but it is very easy to spot possible issues. This is where you want to stay as far as possible from many issues which these days come from bad decisions as a small business first. There is no need for really complex solutions when it comes to your needs. Even more, you can find hosts which have already dealt with the issues you could be facing as a small player.

It is also highly recommended to look at the different options for small business hosting which are now all over the web. Since not all hosts are actually good choices, it is recommended to choose a solution which is both affordable and great for customer service as well.

A good host is also in your interest as it protects your site’s visitors and potential customers. Free from possible malware and free from slow loading times, a good host will have an upkeep time which is always high. Your customers might not thank you for this in person but they will complain or simply leave the website if unsatisfied.

When it comes to e-commerce or other similar small online businesses, you also need a solution which is optimized well as it can be a ranking factor. For example, good loading speed is appreciated by customers but it is also appreciated by large search engines which can place you higher in the natural results as well.

Together with low downtime, you can thus use the quality of the hosting as one of the many ranking factors. Even more, you can switch hosts if you feel you are not fully satisfied with these parameters as they are very important.

Hosting types

As a small company, you can be interested in different types of hosting options. Virtual hosting is often a popular choice these days but is it really the option for you? Virtual hosting uses multiple servers in different locations which can save the data of your website. From the perspective of security, this can come as a major advantage. Furthermore, it is also highly recommended to look for the options which are also catered to your needs. Not all small businesses benefit from virtual hosting and in many cases, you will not be able to see any real improvements of the more traditional single-server hosting.

Shared and dedicated hosting options are also available. The way data is stored on the server is thus what drives the decision. In most cases, if you are able to work with a lower number of visitors, a shared hosting can be enough. This means that you will share the physical resources with other websites.

Dedicated hosting solutions involve a server which only saves data for your website. This means that you will have better resources and the ability to offer better loading speeds. At the same time, you are not sharing your virtual address with any other websites which means that you are potentially less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Hosting costs

As a small business, you need to know the types of costs you can support. Failing to do proper planning can lead to higher costs in the end. Furthermore, it is also recommended to look for the products which are sustainable with monthly plans.

Hosting packages are calculated per month and this means that you can have a clear idea of what to expect with your own host. As it is not easy to maintain higher costs for smaller websites, you need to find the right balance for you. But when you want the ultimate hosting experience, you might even find that a cost which is calculated every month can be actually sustainable.

One of the packages which increase costs comes with SSL certificates. Thus, you have the ability to choose solutions which are easy to be seen as the requirements these days, especially if your visitors are going to input data on your website. You thus have the ability to see improved overall results when it comes to better data protection which means that your customers will be safer as well. Of course, the latest data indicates that the security of the website is one of the small ranking factors to consider. If you thus want to be higher in natural rankings of the search engines, it might be worth investing in such a security package.

Customer service

One of the defining characteristics of a web host comes with customer service. Leading companies offer 24/7 availability for customer service and all your questions and problems can be dealt with quickly. It is also worth noting that customer support can only deal with some of the most popular issues quickly, thus, the more complex the issue, the more it can take to see an answer. Hosting companies can lose their clients with bad customer service.

This is why you need a good solution to have on hand when things go wrong. In most cases, they will go wrong for different reasons and as a small business, you will need all the support you can get as you might not even have a dedicated team to offer you their support. With good customer care, you are able to focus on other important tasks of your business.