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Executive Chronicles | Proper Business Attire and How to Match Your Watch |In any workplace setting, there is a specific dress code that is followed. In increasing formality, you can usually categorize the type of business attire as either casual, smart casual, business casual, business professional, or business formal. Each entails a specific style of clothing that should be worn, and it depends heavily on the type of culture your workplace has or that of your client. If you are trying to land a deal with a large international company, you do not want to be going into that meeting with work shirts, jeans and chucks.

Just as important is the timepiece you decide to use to accessorize your outfit. With the right timepiece, you can properly complement or accentuate the entire outfit. Or, you can also ruin the entire look by choosing something not suitable. As we go over the different types of business attire, we also go over tips on how to select the right timepiece for the type of outfit.


Casual attire is informal clothing that you can comfortably use outside of the work setting. In an informal office, it might be acceptable for you to wear regular t-shirts and jeans with sneakers. Bottoms might even include shorts and shoes may even be sandals. There are rarely any restrictions when it comes to truly casual attire but try to avoid anything like tank tops. Also, even if the office has a casual dress code, you might want to dress up a little more if you are going in for an interview.

Generally speaking, watches with a metal watchband are considered less formal than leather watch bands. Digital watches and sports watches are considered some of the most casual watches, especially those with rubber watch bands. Since there are no restrictions on casual wear, these are fine to wear in this kind of setting.

Smart Casual

Smart casual is still fit for informal work settings but a little more dressed up and professional looking. If going in for an interview in a workplace that has a casual dress code, smart casual might be your best bet to show that you fit in with the style and culture but care about how you look and about being professional. For women, smart casual may include dresses, blouses and skirts, trousers and sweaters, and heels. For men, smart casual may include polos and button-down shirts, loafers and boots, and sport jackets.

The types of watches for smart casual and casual attires do not vary too much, but you might want to use something a bit more formal than a fully dedicated sports watch. You can still choose a digital watch but keep it simple and clean.

Business Casual

Business casual is the most common attire for offices. Classic business staples such as long-sleeve button-down polos and slacks are used in business casual, but you can omit things like ties and blazers. It is common to roll up sleeves and sometimes you may choose to not even tuck in your shirt. If you are unsure about the dress code, business casual is a happy medium and is appropriate for meetings and interviews. Business casual shoes can include loafers, oxfords, or boots, but lifestyle sneakers can also be worn if they are appropriately formal.

You can be wearing high-end watches once you enter the business casual type of attire, but you can still have a little fun with it. Watches like Chrono and pilot watches have more complicated designs and multiple functionalities but have formal enough designs to be a safe accessory for business casual outfits.

Business Professional

In more traditional and strict settings, you will see people wearing business professional outfits. These are common for more conservative industries such as accounting, banking, finance, or the law. Politicians are also seen wearing business professionals on a regular basis. When dressing for business professionals, women can wear tidy dresses, skirts, or slacks with button-down shirts or blouses with a blazer. Shoes should include classic heal up to three inches tall. Men should wear a suit and tie paired with formal shoes such as oxfords or loafers.

As we get into the more formal dress codes, we begin looking at simpler watch designs. You cannot go wrong with a simple gold or silver watch with a thin dial and limited complications. If you want something a little more eccentric, you can look at diver watches and match them with leather straps.

Business Formal

Business formal is used in only the most formal events such as galas or special award ceremonies. Women can wear pants suits or suit dresses, but even a long gown might be appropriate in certain scenarios. For men, suits are the only real option. You can mix things up by going with a bowtie instead of a normal tie, but you can also choose to accessorize with cuff links and a tie clip.

For the most formal events, minimalism is the key when selecting the watch to wear. Dress watches should be your go-to when wearing business formal, and it is recommended that you go with classic and simple styles paired together with a leather band.

The great thing about watches is just how much variety there is when it comes to their styles and designs. As explained in this article, you can find the right watch suitable for the right type of dress code. However, always remember that a watch is not just there to tell time but also to be used as an accessory. Use your watch as a way to showcase your own style and personality and be sure to select something that you can be proud of wearing. After all, you will be the one wearing the watch all day.

If you ever have trouble finding the right watch for you, try visiting a store with a vast selection for you to browse through and with staff that is more than willing to assist you. The Tempus Watch Store has both, and you can find the watch best suited to complete your proper business attire.