A Guide To Improving Your Office Design

office design

Every business owner needs to make sure that their office space is attractive and as functional as possible. This is so that staff can come into work each day feeling positive and work to the best of their abilities which will help to keep morale high and create a positive working environment that everyone can benefit from. It is amazing the difference that a revamped office space can have on the employees and, in turn, the entire business. In addition to being beneficial for the staff, this can also impress any visitors that you have and attract the top talent to your company. Here are a few tips for improving your office space:

Improve The Curb Appeal

You will want the office to be as attractive as possible from the moment that people see it, particularly if you are looking to impress any visitors. This means that you need to find ways to improve the curb appeal, and there are a few different ways that you can do this. You can replace the front door, put flowers out the front, wash the windows, tidy the front lawn, or add an outdoor seating area.

Go Open-Plan

An open-plan office is beneficial for a few different reasons. First, it can improve communication as it is easier for people to meet, converse, and come together, which can improve the efficiency of the operation. It can also improve morale as people are not cooped away in cubicles, where people can feel isolated. On top of all this, it can make the office seem much brighter, bigger, and airier, which can create a calm atmosphere and make the office more attractive.

Maximize Natural Light

Leading on from this, you should also find ways to maximize natural light as this can improve mood, morale, and focus. You can maximize natural light by adding skylights, replacing the windows, strategically placing mirrors, and using light colors in the office. 

Invest In High-Quality, Ergonomic Equipment

Your employees will be spending a tremendous amount of their time working in the office, so you need to make sure that they are using high-quality equipment that will allow them to work comfortably for long periods of time. This should also include ergonomic equipment so that they do not sustain any kind of injury while working (you also need to make sure that they are taking regular breaks).

Upgrade The Technology

Similarly, your staff should be using the latest and best technology to make their lives easier, and you should also find that it improves the operation. Upgrading technology can obviously be expensive, and it is frustrating when there are constantly improvements being made – you can sidestep this dilemma by leasing the technology which can make it easier to manage financially and allow you to upgrade every few years.

Add Decoration & Encourage Personal Decoration

Although it is a place of work, you will also want your staff to feel comfortable and relaxed. You can do this by adding decoration to the office, and there are many ways to do this but just make sure that it remains a professional space and that the decoration is not distracting. You should also encourage staff to decorate their own workspaces and add personality so that they can feel at home and settled while at work.

Indoor Plants

One of the best ways to add decoration to the office is to use indoor plants. These can add visual appeal to the office, but they are also proven to bring mental health benefits which should help your employees to feel happy, motivated and focused throughout the working day – just remember to water them!

Have An Indoor & Outdoor Space For Relaxing

You need to provide a comfortable space for your employees to relax during their breaks, at lunch, or if you are having any kind of social/informal event in the office. This should include an indoor area with comfortable sofas, snacks and perhaps a television but you should also consider an outdoor area particularly for the summer months – this could even be somewhere where you can have an after-work drink on a Friday. The outdoor area should have enough seating and outdoor heaters from somewhere like Supagas so that people can enjoy being outside at all times.

Have A Fully Equipped Kitchen

Additionally, there should be a space where employees can go to make food. This should be a fully equipped kitchen with space for sitting down so that they can spend their breaks in here if they wish. Be sure to keep this area clean and consider a few snacks which you can keep topped up, such as fresh fruit or biscuits.

Create A Comfortable Temperature

You cannot expect your staff to work to the best of their abilities if it is too cold or hot. This means that you need to have an efficient heating system and make sure that it is always at the right temperature throughout the year. 

Improve The Fragrance

Scent is an incredibly powerful sense, yet it is an area that is massively overlooked when it comes to office design. Using an essential oil can make a big difference to the office, and different oils can have a different impact on individuals, such as ones which can energize and improve focus or help people to feel relaxed.

Keep It Clean

Finally, you must make sure that the office is kept clean and clutter-free to maximize productivity. You can do this by encouraging staff to clean up after themselves but also be hiring a janitorial company to come in and clean the office from top to bottom on a regular basis.

If you are looking to improve the design of your office, then these are the most effective steps to take. This can have a big impact on the success of your entire business by improving morale, increasing productivity, and impressing any visitors that you have to the office space. It can also create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere which everyone can benefit from.