Guide to buying the best gold chains for men

gold chains

The fashion scene for men’s jewelry has changed drastically. Men are no longer behind women when it comes to wearing jewelry. As compared to the olden days when there were limited products for men to choose from, they now have endless options and varieties that fit their needs. One of the most popular jewelry for men is a gold chain. Gold chains are simple and stylish which can be elegantly worn on occasions as well as on a regular basis. There are a number of styles and designs in gold chains that suit the preferences of every man. It is important to understand the different types of gold chains before choosing one.

Types of gold chains

One of the most common type of gold chain is a cable chain which is the simplest and the oldest when it comes to the style and design. The chain is formed by single links which are connected together and it can be worn alone or can be sued as a pendant. The chain is widely used for gifting purposes and it easy to style. Another design is a curb gold chain which is a little sophisticated than a cable chain. The links take different shapes here and the edges of the chain can be curved. Further, there is Italian Figaro chains which has varied links and is a little different from the curb chain. It can take different forms with regard to the thickness and has a much more interesting design than the traditional chain. A rope gold chain is a chain with multiple links that are laid out in a rope style patten. This chain is heavily preferred for a pendant and is not very flexible hence it is worn in the neck only. When buying Men’s gold chains, it is important to consider the use of the same. If you want to wear it on a daily basis, you need to choose a traditional and simple chain which will be easy to wear and will not look over the top. If you are buying a chain for occasional wear, you can choose a heavy chain which has a sophisticated design and will look good when worn with a bracelet.

The price of the gold chain will depend on the quality of gold and the design of the chain. If you buy a chain with 14k or 18k gold, it will cost more than a chain with 10k gold. The amount of gold contained in the chain will have a huge impact not the price of the chain. If the chain has a sophisticated design, you might have to pay a little more for the same as compared to a simple chain. Higher the amount of gold in a chain, higher its price. The maximum gold in any jewelry is 24K which is 100 percent gold. There are alternatives with regard to the type of gold chain you can buy. One is a solid gold chain which is made from a single mixture of gold and the other is filled gold chain where gold is not the only metal used. Rather, it is melted into another metal which gives the gold a rich finish. It is not a pure gold chain and costs lower than a solid gold chain. Gold plated chains are also available in the market. They are affordably priced and are manufactured through an electrical charge. Gold is applied on the metal through the chase and the end result shows a thin layer of gold over another metal. This layer might wear away over a period of time.

How to choose a gold chain

It might seem like a difficult task to choose the right type of gold chain for men. However, when you are clear about the purpose of purchase and the frequency of use, you can make a rational decision. The decision to buy a particular chain should not be solely driven by the price. No doubt, the price is an important decision making factor but it is not the only factor you need to consider. When buying a gold chain, you will have to decide the type of chain you wish to buy. For a pure gold chain, you will have to consider the amount and type of gold you want in the chain. If you are buying for gifting purpose, you might want to buy a 10K gold chain instead of an 18K gold chain. Further, if you are going to use the chain on a daily basis, you might want to invest in a traditional, light weight chain that does not look over the top. You do not want to look overdressed with a chain on your neck. The chain can be worn with a simple pendant as well. If you are purchasing the chain for occasion wear, invest in a high quality chain which will suit the occasion and with the chain, you might not be required to wear any other accessory as well. Buying a chain should be a well thought out decision, it should not make you feel like you spent your money over something that is not useful at all.


Once you have decided on the type of chain, you can look for alternative styles and designs for the same. Choose a design that meets your needs and then consider the price. You will also have to consider the size of the chain which means you will have to choose a chain that is ideal in terms of length and breadth. The length and breadth of the chain will have an impact on the way it fits on your neck. You do not want a very short chain for a tall, muscular man. Neither would a long chain on a lean man look good. The approximate side of neck chains is usually 16 inches and the rest will depend on the physique of an individual. Further, the width of the chain is measured with regard to the size. Men with a heavy body choose thicker chains so that they look good on them and thin mean choose narrow chains. Based on your budget and preferred style, you can choose from the number of options available with regard to gold chains. Check the karat value whenever you decide to buy the chain. It is a long term investment you are making in jewelry that will never go out of style.
Gold chains have always been worn by men and women for many years and if the preferences for choosing a chain varies from one individual to another. You might want to try a couple of chains before making a decision to buy. Consider different factors like the style, design, quality and the price before you make a decision. The size is one of the most crucial factors when considering a chain. An ideal gifting option, gold chains can be worn with a pendant to add a charming look and they can also be worn as a bracelet. Men are growing aware about the latest trends in the fashion industry and they are now open to experimentation which is the reason there is a surge in the demand for high quality and fashionable gold chains ideal for regular wear. A light weight chain is the best option for men when it comes to a daily wear basic gold chain. Pair the chain with any attire and it will look smart and stylish at all times.