Good As New – 6 Upgrades To Make A Second-Hand Car Feel Brand New

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Image: | Good As New – 6 Upgrades To Make A Second-Hand Car Feel Brand New | Financially conscious car owners know it’s worth letting someone else take the depreciation sucker-punch of buying a car brand-new. So long as the vehicle has been well-maintained, you can get a fantastic deal when you swoop in as a second owner. The downside is, you’ll never have the latest, greatest ride. Make some clever upgrades, though, and you can recreate those new car vibes in your sensible second-hand vehicle.

1. LEDs

From LED driving lights to strip lights for your interior, there are many ways to upgrade your vehicle with LEDs. LED headlights give you better visibility when driving at night, while well-placed strip lighting can transform your car’s interior, creating a sleek modern look that belies its true age. Buy interior led lights here.

2. Polishing and paint correction

You don’t need a brand new paint job to make your car look sleek and glossy. With polishing and paint correction, you can get rid of the oxidation and tiny scratches that make a car look aged. It’s like botox for your car, only cheaper, more effective, and safe to do in your own backyard if you’re confident of handling the job yourself. 

3. Tinted windows

Dark tinted windows take years off a car’s appearance. They also add to your comfort while driving as they block the heat, creating a cooler and more comfortable interior. Go for the darkest legal tint, and when combined with polishing and paint correction, your car will look instantly ten years younger. 

4. Spruced up seats

The seats are what everyone notices first when they step into a car. If your seats are looking tired, torn, and faded, they’ll drag down the overall vibe of your vehicle. Depending on what condition they’re in and what material you’re working with, you can get them repaired by an upholsterer, call around car wreckers for replacements, or simply purchase some top-quality car seat cushion

5. HUD (Head-Up Display)

HUDs project your speed and other important info on the inside of your windscreen, meaning you don’t have to look down at your gauges. In addition to boosting the modern look of your car, a HUD will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, making them a practical and affordable safety feature. Go for one of the more advanced systems and you can even have navigation displayed on your HUD, allowing you to check your directions without having to glance down at your phone or GPS.

6. Wheels

Replacing your car’s wheels can be an expensive upgrade, so it may not be for everyone. If your car has low mileage and no visible wear-and-tear, then you may wish to skip this one. However, if you live in a coastal or rural area, or your car’s first owner was a bit of a curb-scraper when it came to parking, then replacing the wheels will transform the overall appearance of your vehicle.  

New cars are a lot of fun, there’s no denying it. However, there’s something to be said for the personality our vehicles develop over time as they pass from one owner to another. So, rather than stretching your finances by getting a loan for a new vehicle, why not take the time to give your old ride a makeover? Work your way through the upgrades listed above and your car will have all the character of a second-hand vehicle and all the sophistication of a new one.